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The ROCCAT Torch is a dedicated audio input that offers a lot of modern conveniences I have grown to appreciate during my testing time. For one, much like many modern peripherals, the Torch is built with a good set of materials and in a decently sized body. Its mounting capabilities for its own base with standard sizing mounts for desk or free-standing microphone arms is great to see. ROCCAT also provides several options for inputs and outputs, including swapping pickup patterns, changing input gain, and live monitoring with a physical volume knob. Users can also quickly mute their microphone with just a wave of their hand. When it comes to daily use, the ROCCAT Torch offers a quick plug-and-play functionality with no need for software or extra drivers. Its illuminated sides and color-coordinated lighting for different pickup patterns is great for fast feedback. As for recording quality, the ROCCAT Torch works well for a microphone at this price point. For one, I appreciate the different polar patterns for different purposes, including its Whisper mode for later gaming sessions. Secondly, its built-in pop filter also does well in preventing plosives. Finally, it is capable of picking up all sorts of sounds, from spoken word to instruments, but you should be careful in not overloading the microphone with louder sources. If there were things that I would point out as areas of improvement, I would have liked to see a bit more software support for additional features. As the ROCCAT Torch picks up a lot of background noise, I think some software tweaks could alleviate this issue. Finally, it would have been nice to see support for recording at higher sample rates. Even so, at a retail price of $100 USD, the ROCCAT Torch is a budget-minded but feature-rich desktop microphone that is great for those getting started in streaming or content creation.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Torch is a good entrant of a dedicated USB microphone for those wanting more recording capabilities that surpass their gaming headphones.

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