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As we have witnessed in this review, some design elements of the Scythe Fuma is similar to certain Noctua models. However, there are other elements specific to Fuma. The fin layout, being slightly staggered on the sides, helps with airflow, and as we have seen in the test results, it looks like it worked out pretty well. Another important aspect to the design is the quality of the materials used. Scythe used aluminum for the bulk of the heatsink, while using copper with nickel plating on the heatpipes and baseplate. All in all, the build quality is good, and will provide excellent heat transfer. The retail packaging could have been better, since the unit we received had a little bit of damage out of the box. The installation process went well, and the instructions were clear enough, but could be improved upon. I always appreciate a list of all the included components, and Scythe definitely delivered on this end. The height of the cooler is not too high either, ensuring compatibility in a wide range of cases. As for test results, the Scythe Fuma performed really well in both idle and load tests. I am sure the larger heatsink takes advantage of the excellent airflow the SilverStone Primera PM01 offers. However, since the fins are not soldered to the heatpipes, there could potentially be performance degradation in the long term. This specific issue is under investigation here at APH Networks to find out if it makes a significant difference. Performance could be even better if a third fan is attached. In regards to the included fans, they are effective and quiet. You might not get the same longevity out of them compared to a ball bearing unit, but they make up for it with their silence. The retail price for the Scythe Fuma comes in at $46 USD. This is a very good price, and makes it easy to pick up this cooler even in moderately priced builds for something much better than a stock cooler. Overall, the Scythe Fuma performed well in all the tests, and I like it.

Scythe provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Scythe Fuma is a good performing large cooler that has some creative design elements that pays off in the final product.

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