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It was not too long ago when I thought owning 8TB hard drives was the epitome of being extra. But fast forward merely a couple of years, it blows my mind how manufacturers such as Seagate managed to cram in a whopping 50% higher storage capacity into the same 3.5" form factor. For about $470 at press time, is the Seagate IronWolf Pro ST12000NE0007 12TB the epitome of extra or a necessity for storage hungry power users? Considering every respectable modern smartphone can shoot 4K videos, I would argue even if it is the epitome of extra today, owning a 12TB hard drive will become a necessity sooner than we expect. The ST12000NE0007 is the largest capacity hard drive at press time, and if you have read my last review on the BarraCuda Pro ST12000DM0007 12TB, you will realize Seagate's latest 12TB offerings are not merited on colossal capacity alone. The IronWolf Pro 12TB is also one of the fastest and most power efficient hard drives money can buy, although I cannot explain why it was marginally slower than the non-Pro variant in most tests. (No, I did not accidentally switch the results of them, haha.) On the reliability side of things, the IronWolf Pro comes dual-plane balanced with rotational vibration sensors that plays nice in network attached storage systems with up to sixteen drives. It also has an industry-leading 1,200,000 hours mean time before failure rating and a 300TB per year workload rate limit. Should anything go wrong, Seagate covers the drive for a full five years, plus included data recovery service with a claimed 90% success rate should your drive fail within the first two. Needless to say, the Seagate IronWolf Pro 12TB really is the state-of-the-art when it comes to mechanical hard drives. Whether you are looking to load up your NAS box to the max or want an HDD with enhanced reliability for your desktop at the expense of a small hit in performance, the ST12000NE0007 is the disk to buy.

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The Seagate IronWolf Pro ST12000NE0007 12TB is where colossal capacity meets class-leading performance and industry-best warranty for network attached storage systems of any size.

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