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Earlier this month, in the introduction of my XTracGear Ripper XXL (2014) review, I told a story of how I explained to my friend what a radar detector was and how it worked, despite the fact I am well aware she has absolutely no idea -- nor have any interest -- in what I am talking about. Well, just last week, my supervising professor (I am current a Master of Science student in Electrical Engineering specializing in wireless networks) was driving me back from a meeting we were attending, and I told him the same story. After laughing really hard for at least a couple of minutes, my professor asked me what my friend studied in school. "Arts," I replied. Jokingly, he commented, "Well, the advantage we engineers have over arts people is, we can easily understand their stuff, but they can never understand ours." Of course, despite the stereotypical engineering pride we occasional like to rub among ourselves, I think both of us are well aware of the fact that, if there were only engineers in the world, we will still be using beige boxes we had in the late nineties to build our computers. As I hold the Silicon Power Diamond D06 1TB in my hands today, it boldly reminds me why we like to use the term "art and science", and not "art or science". It combines a sleek looking exterior enclosure featuring an attractive diamond-check pattern with speedy performance across the board in our benchmarks today. To give energy efficiency a nod, Silicon Power also implemented a hardware idle timer to turn off the internal hard drive when it is not in use. My only complaint is the edge is a fingerprint magnet and possibly scratch happy, but it is not a big deal the way Silicon Power implemented it. Needless to say, the Diamond D06 1TB is not form over function or function over form; it is both form and function. I, for one, am glad the two are not mutually exclusive. It is really a shame this drive is not available for sale in North America, but for those across the pond, consider yourselves lucky.

Silicon Power provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Silicon Power Diamond D06 1TB is an excellent USB 3.0 external hard drive that looks good and performs well.

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