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As I have mentioned in some of my previous reviews, I really like a clean and open chassis interior. The SilverStone Redline RL05 has plenty of open space for good airflow from the two 140 mm fans at the front. From this picture, it is easy to see two different compartments; a lower separate chamber is made for the power supply, and some cable management room is separated out as well for better thermal control. At the front bottom, there is even some room for an 80mm fan to help cool the power supply. At the top left is the 5.25 inch bay, and from what I can tell, it cannot be removed. The cable management is a simple long cutout to the right of the motherboard tray. Unfortunately, there are no rubber grommets. Instead, there is a piece of plastic covering quite a bit of the hole to hide the cables. This is a simple yet effective solution to keep costs down. Lastly, the case supports up to a 14.7 inch graphics card.

There is a large cutout on the motherboard tray for easy access to the backplate for CPU cooler installations. The SilverStone Redline RL05 can accommodate up to an ATX sized motherboard. One thing that was different from previous cases I have used is the standoffs for an ATX board are not pre-installed. Instead, you will have to install all the standoffs yourself. The rear grille can take up to an 120mm fan, but there is none included, being a budget case and all. The top grille can accommodate either two 120mm or two 140mm fans. However, as aforementioned, there are some clearance issues with ATX boards, unless you have thinner fans.

Here is a better view of the bottom compartment cover. From this view, you can see some more cable management cutouts along the bottom of the motherboard tray. They were useful, but I would expect more than one cutout. Having only one cutout at the bottom makes it harder to achieve a clean look, and the cables can be a bit squished depending if you have the front USB 3.0 cable plugged in. I have mentioned this before, but I appreciate a separate chamber for a power supply and all its cables, especially for a budget case. It really ensures a clean look without having to add a lot of effort.

While the SilverStone Redline RL05 features a 5.25 inch drive bay in front, I think it still retains its overall clean appearance well. The black color blends in decently with the rest of the interior. Other than the drive bay, there are two included 140mm red LED fans. They are optimized to provide the best airflow. The front can also house two 120mm fans. In this area, you can also install either a 240mm or 280mm radiator, depending on which fans you have installed.

All of the hard drive mounts are found on the back to help ensure the clean look at the front. To the left of the motherboard cutout. there are two 2.5 inch hard drive mounts, while below that are two 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch drive cages. There are also plenty of cable management loops to tie the cables down. I could not find a specific measurement for this, but there is about 25 mm of space between the tray and chassis panel for cable management. The RL05 also supports a standard ATX power supply, but to be specific, it is limited to 220mm in length. I have yet to see a 220mm long power supply, so there is plenty of room in this regard. The rest of the compartment is easily used for stuffing away all the extra power supply cables, especially if it is not modular. Overall, cable management took me a bit longer than I wanted, because I had to tie everything down. As you will see on the next page, I did not do such a great job of it -- I mostly just got the cables inside, and just closed the panel, haha.

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