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While I may never be able to fully take advantage of this ambidextrous shape, I think the SteelSeries Sensei 310 hits the right notes. Its build quality is quite excellent, with a solid feel and excellent material choices. The silicone grips also make the Sensei 310 easy to take a grab of and start gaming. In addition, the software experience from SteelSeries is superb, with the right features and an intuitive layout. The excellent game integration is a testament to the SteelSeries lineup and their ability to make lighting on peripherals more than just an aesthetic part of their ecosystem. When it comes to performance, the Sensei 310 once again proves it is a teacher to lead the pack. Button clicks feel excellent with its feedback and responsiveness. Pairing this with an excellent sensor in the TrueMove3, or a modified PMW3360, makes the tracking of the mouse compete with the best of mice. This sensor is known for its practically zero delay or lag, and this shows in both gaming and graphical situations. Tracking is great no matter what surface it is used on or even when pushed to maximum sensitivity capacity. If there were a few things I would look at fixing up, it might be to include a braided cable for a more premium look and to allow for more sensitivity settings to be saved to the mouse. Even so, these are very minor things to speak about, and the Sensei 310 really checks the right marks for the general gaming scene for all types of esports games like shooters or MOBAs. Obviously, if you are leaning more towards a right-hand biased mouse, I would look at the Rival 310, which combines the same sensor into a non-ambidextrous design. Currently, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 can be had for $60 USD, which fits the bill in SteelSeries' lineup. Considering this packs a premium sensor and performance into a relatively affordable package, the Sensei 310 is definitely the choice for those looking for an ambidextrous mouse.

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The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is an ambidextrous mouse for the masses, matching performance and price together for a convincing finish.

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