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I was walking through the halls of the engineering building here at University of Calgary one Thursday evening in early November. As I was approaching my office, I noticed a large group of students crowding outside just across from where I need to be; anxiously talking among themselves. As the tension filled the air, I asked one among the crowd if they were waiting for a midterm to begin. "Yes," the person replied. "It is for ENGG 233. Do you have any hints or tips?" After a brief chat, I returned to my office. Still, sitting on my desk next to my computer is the same thinksound On1 supra aural headphones that first entered the room two months ago. I pulled out my chair, sat down in front of my 27" monitor, flicked the switch at the back of my SilverStone EB03 headphone amplifier, and cupped the thinksound On1 over both my ears to drown out the chatter of first year engineering students in the background. I hit the "Play" button on Windows Media Player, and I was instantly reminded of why this pair of wooden headphones is held in such high regard by many audiophiles around the world. It is the sound. The clean sound. The sound of audio purity and the sound of faithfulness to people who recorded the track. The comfort of the soft memory cushions, and lightweight headband. If you are the type that appreciate the look of the thinksound On1, and you do not plan to travel much with it, like how I leave mine in the office all day, then for $250 at press time, this is a good choice to consider. Personally, I would flatten the frequency response, and widen the midrange with more saturated sound for a warmer output, but hey -- this is all subjective. For a little less amount of money, depending on what you are after, you can always look at the V-MODA XS, which is, at the moment, still by far my favorite supra-aural headset to date. At the end of the day, the thinksound On1 are studio monitor quality headphones with a slight bass boost, with a relatively neutral (As opposed to warm) audio signature for those who want it this way. If this is you today, you have found your match.

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The thinksound On1 is a pair of supra-aural headphones with a unique wooden enclosure that delivers on audio performance.

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