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The TOZO Golden X1 will offer a great listening experience for anyone seeking out a solid pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Starting with the build quality, I found this to be a premium feeling device. The Golden X1 felt great in the hands and in the ears, having a slick black and gold finish to them. The shape of the earbuds allowed for a great fit, having additional aid in providing a comfortable experience through the addition of extra earphone tips. The charging case was good and had many features, but felt a bit flimsy. When the charging case is open, you can see an LED screen that provides information about current battery levels. I found that the noise canceling with its six different levels were able to cut the noise of my surroundings quite significantly. With a fairly standard U-shape curve, this pair of earbuds will suit many people’s listening preferences quite well. The sound quality was decent, offering smooth bass, a mostly clean mid-range, and a tight treble. If you download the TOZO app, you have access to 16 listening profiles. Additionally, you can adjust the EQ levels to your own preferences. I personally found the audio quality to be reproduced at an excellent having support for standard codecs as well as LDAC. The battery for the Golden X1 was adequate, boasting 4.5 hours of life with ANC on. While the microphone was audible and understandable, I found my voice to be quite muffled. This can be improved upon, but was sufficient for its use. Something else TOZO can also work on is a stiffer case as it will provide a more premium experience. The tap controls are functional, but go overboard in terms of how much they want to accomplish. Simplifying these commands will go a long way for the user. At a price of $150 USD at press time, the TOZO Golden X1 offers great performance at an expected price point.

TOZO provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The TOZO Golden X1 is a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds that offer solid audio quality in a comfortable package.

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