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My focus is often lacking when it comes to busy environments, but with some active noise cancelling headphones, it can be helped a bit. The TOZO HT2 headphones' active noise cancelling was quite impressive, blocking out all types of background noise, which helps to isolate the environment you are in. The comfort fit of these headphones were excellent. Each piece was comfortable, and the build quality did not disappoint, even though the outside is all plastic. The sound quality was also good. Each frequency range was solid, providing a pleasant listening experience. The quality continued into the soundstaging and imaging for a pair of closed-back headphones, where each instrument can be located easily. The software worked well too, providing customization in the EQ area. Battery life was good, but coming in at 28 hours from my tests was lower than the rated 40 from TOZO. As well, there is no idle auto-off when connected to a device, which can drain the battery if you forget to turn them off. A carrying case should be included in my opinion. Some of the noise cancelling modes were not great. For example, transparency mode had a slight whine in the background in busy environments, while adaptive mode had trouble clearly identifying when someone was talking to you or not. Finally, the microphone is poor. The clarity suffered and could be significantly improved upon for future iterations. The TOZO HT2 headphones can be bought directly from TOZO for about $140 USD, but are on sale for $70 at the time of this review. The headphones are packed full of features and provide a great sound, making them worth their price.

TOZO provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The TOZO HT2 Bluetooth headphones provide great sound quality paired with effective active noise cancelling and long battery life, but the microphone is simply too poor for day-to-day use.

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