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As someone who used to think of themselves as a naturally pessimistic person, I have grown from this experience, learning I am more so pessimistic about myself rather than others. Although there are times where I do shoot people down for chasing a “dream” of theirs, I realize that is just being real. Never will I ever not believe in someone, unless everything points towards failure. Likewise, with the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro, I came in with high hopes and believing the best for this headset. This headset was quite comfortable with the suspended headband. The cushioning was really well done and my ears never felt pain from wearing the Elite Atlas Pro. The cables were nice and long with the purposeful placement of the inline controls. The microphone audio quality was also a strong point of this headset, as it recorded quite naturally. Moving on to the audio analysis, the bass in this headset performed adequately as it was heavy and smooth. Unfortunately, the bass is the highest point in terms of audio quality. The upper-midrange is slightly boosted and the treble was uncomfortable, which is not ideal. For gaming, this headset is good as you can still easily hear and understand quite easily. Generalizing the location of an enemy is quite easy, but when it comes to soundstaging in music, the instruments feel very clumped. The audio effects given by the Atlas Edge in software do help a bit, but at the sacrifice of audio quality. The Atlas Edge provides a lot of nice features in the Turtle Beach Control Studio software, but has an annoying automated audio mixer built in. At the price of $100 USD for the Elite Atlas Pro and $30 for the Atlas Edge, this combination is great for anyone who wants specifically a good gaming experience. Overall, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro is a good gaming headset with a good amount of comfort, but lacks in good audio quality at the higher regions of sound.

Turtle Beach provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro with the Atlas Edge are a great combination for gamers especially with the excellent microphone.

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