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The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight controller is the company's first initiative into the simulation hardware realm. Is it any good? I have to say, this yoke provided an overall very positive experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as an entry-level product. The VelocityOne Flight is a well-built yoke with quality buttons and generally smooth operation. I like its design as well; it grips very comfortably and naturally in my hands with good placement of buttons, making them easy to reach but not easily accidentally depressed. The throttle quadrant also has a nose trim wheel and vernier-style controls that feel good. The integrated desk clamp and multiple mounting options are all well-implemented too. The Flight Management Display and Status Indicator Panel are both present to make your flight simulation experience that much better. To seal the deal, if you are new to flight simulation and all these controls overwhelm you, Turtle Beach has you covered with a very easy to understand and organized instructional poster along with a built-in training mode on the FMD to help you out. As with any product, there are a couple of things to improve on in my opinion. Firstly, while it is very cool to have four throttle levers, I think having them properly weighted will add to the experience. Secondly, the FMD, despite being a quality display with useful features, is quite underutilized. Hopefully, future firmware updates will add more functionality. I also have a couple of additional things to note. For one, having a foot rudder control module available in the future will be awesome. Also, the SIP does not work at the time of review, but the company does promise a firmware update soon to enable this feature. For about $380 at press time, I find the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight to be quite an enjoyable product. If you are looking for an entry-level yoke to get started in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the VelocityOne Flight is here to democratize flight simulation for the masses.

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The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight is a quality entry-level yoke for the casual gamer and budget flight enthusiast looking to get the most out of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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