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With the shift to the Turtle Beach name, you might think not much has changed for the second rendition in the Vulcan TKL Pro lineup. However, Turtle Beach has added some clear adjustments with the Vulcan II TKL Pro. Looking at the similarities, we have a very familiar fit and finish. It retains a low-profile and compact feel with a solid build quality and construction. The isolated and exposed switches have become a mainstay for this company's high-end keyboards. Furthermore, we still have excellent features like a dedicated volume wheel, RGB LED backlighting, and switches that are compatible with most third-party keycaps. There are many secondary functions for media control, game modes, profiles, macros, and lighting adjustments. The lighting is solid, albeit does not fill out the secondary functions on the applicable keys. The first notable change starts with physical inclusions like a foam palm rest and two heights for kickstands at the back. Secondly, we have a new set of magnetic switches with Hall-effect detection. The result is a light and smooth feel and the ability to modify the actuation distance through firmware, so you can adjust how far you need to press in order to activate a keystroke. This leads into the third addition, which is the Swarm II software. Its modern UI is a much welcome addition, and it provides quite a bit of customization through macros, lighting, and the analog-like nature of the magnetic switches for deeper control. Unfortunately, the Swarm II utility has some bugs and user experience concerns that show it would benefit from further development. I also still want to see PBT keycaps included, especially given the price tag of the Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro. This is a pricey keyboard at a retail price of $150 USD. However, if you want advanced control of each keystroke, the Vulcan II TKL Pro offers an updated experience for a low-profile and compact keyboard.

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The Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro is a slim tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that offers control and customization in every single keystroke.

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