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After taking a good look and listen to the V-MODA Forza, I think in some ways you could say the V-MODA Forza is like your local mechanic. While it may not offer the same flashiness, it is still a solid option, while being lighter on the wallet. Starting from the build quality, despite losing the metal, we often see with V-MODA headphones, the Forza is still sturdily built. Its light but durable construction is apparent, and the weather and sweat resistance is proof of this alone. For V-MODA to provide all the extra accessories such as extra sleeves, ear fins, ear hooks, and a carrying pouch is great. These headphones were made with a sport design in mind, and thus these additions are what one might expect, if not more. The design may not stand out from other earbuds, but it is still very much a V-MODA product with its sharp orange and black design. Orange might not be the new black, but there are other color options available if you so desire. However, when we come to audio quality, I think this is where you can tell the Forza were not made to compete with previous V-MODA products, like the Zn, as there are some notable differences between the Zn and the Forza. For myself, the lacking soundstaging is probably the biggest detriment, but there are definitely other areas that could have been retooled. In some ways, this is understandable, especially when we considering the Zn much higher price of $180 USD. However, for everything good the Forza does, the Zn just seems that much more refined, polished, and audibly pleasing. At the end of the day, I think V-MODA has set out to make a more accessible audio product without sacrificing the construction quality. For what the V-MODA Forza offers, is it competitive at an MSRP of $100 USD? I would say so, especially since it is still a capable headset. You could do a lot worse at this price, and I think the Forza are good with all things in perspective.

V-MODA provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The V-MODA Forza may not be the audiophile's dream, but it combines a good build with a decent audio quality.

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