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As my colleague Aaron Lai and I sit at the back of the empty 400-seat church auditorium listening to the V-MODA Remix, we still could not believe something of this size can fill the whole room with quality sound. In some impossible manner, this speaker delivers way beyond what its size suggests. It sounds louder and better than anything in a 205mm by 65mm by 68mm package. You really have to experience it to believe it. If one is not enough, you can even daisy chain as many as you want together to expand its coverage. Besides its performance, the Remix's relatively compact design makes it easy to travel with, whether you are taking it to a friend's house for a party or out of town for camping. The 10-hour rated battery life is also spot on. Although it is not necessarily long, it is sufficient and reasonable for day to day use in my opinion. Besides its functionality, its comes in an attractive form, as one would expect from V-MODA. For about $300 at press time, the Remix certainly is not cheap, even if you are not planning to equip it with platinum sides and a polished gold steel grille. Although I think its design and performance alone already well-justifies the price tag, the built-in VAMP headphone amplifier seals the deal for me. Dedicated headphone amplifiers are not cheap, making the Remix a winner as a package in my books. I do have a few suggestions for improvement though. Firstly, they should fix the volume consistency issue at maximum volume. Secondly, make it waterproof. I would love to take this speaker out and about; unfortunately, you will need to keep it away from the beach. Lastly, add aptX support. Are these deal breakers? Not for something that sounds this good. The V-MODA Remix defies physics to show that cutting edge performance can come in incredibly small packages.

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The V-MODA Remix shows that physics can be defied in order to deliver ridiculously good performance in an incredibly compact package.

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