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Equipped with a dual core processor and 128MB of cache, the Western Digital Black WD6001FZWX 6TB aims to be at the forefront of speed and reliability for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Were they successful in achieving this goal? I think so. Delivered with class-leading performance for power desktop users, the latest flagship consumer drive from Western Digital is seriously fast for a mechanical hard drive. Of course, no mechanical hard drive nowadays is not merited on performance alone in light of solid state drives, and this is where the WD6001FZWX takes home big points for storage space as well. In the introduction of my review, I said it was designed to give you a "bathtub of capacity to store your entire library of videos and photos without slowing down your workflow". I really think I should change the wording here, because instead of having the capacity of a bathtub, at 6TB, it is more like the capacity of a swimming pool. While writing this review, I accidentally typed "6GB" more than a few times until I went back to correct it to "6TB" instead. Call me old, but I still have a Western Digital 1.2GB hard drive in the basement, and I actually remember buying it new back when I was in elementary school, haha. The Black WD6001FZWX 6TB is also equipped with enterprise class drive features such as shock sensors and stabilized drive platters inside for maximum reliability. To ensure you are in good hands, Western Digital backs it with a generous five year warranty. If there is anything not so hot about this drive, it will have to be the fact this drive runs hot -- literally. The five platter Black consumes by far the most power than any other desktop drive tested in this review, and it is quite audible both idling and actively seeking. At the end of the day, the Western Digital Black WD6001FZWX 6TB is not designed to replace your SSD. But if you want massive storage capacity with class leading performance to go with it, for about $280 at press time, the WD Black 6TB is the perfect drive to go along with your SSD. After all, power users do need to get those large files stored, all without slowing down our workflow.

Western Digital provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Loud and fast: The Western Digital Black WD6001FZWX 6TB is a massive capacity, top performing near-enterprise grade hard drive backed by a generous five year warranty.

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