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From the introduction, you are well aware of the importance of feedback, but equally important is the response to the feedback. You can get all the replies you want, but if you do not have the correct actions to address them, then the feedback is useless. For example, if you are told your handwriting is terrible, you would want to improve your legibility of your handwriting, rather than doing something else, like practicing your juggling abilities. This kind of mismatch would result in wasted effort towards adding unnecessary items, or what programmers may call "gold-plating". As for XTracGear, I had requests from the original Carbonic, such as rounding out the "sharp" edges and making it larger. With this feedback, the company has provided a fix for both of these issues. The size is obviously dealt with here, and the sides are now rounded off with a smooth fabric. In addition, the Carbonic XXL keeps everything I have liked about the original mouse pad. Build quality is top notch as with all our other XTracGear products. Both surfaces, top and underside, are consistent without any defects. As for performance, the Carbonic XXL is everything the original one was, with some extra real estate. Tracking is precise and consistent, and it enhances the abilities of any mouse. The Sure Grip technology ensures it stays in place while the mouse glides across the top. However, one feature left still on the drawing board is the oleophobic surface to repel liquids from being absorbed. This would be useful for all cloth mousepads, and not just the Carbonic. Currently, it retails for around $30 USD, which is similar in pricing to their other gigantic mousepad, the Ripper XXL. With all this, XTracGear addresses the core requests while maintaining the performance, and therefore has me impressed.

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If you're looking for a super smooth, super slick, and super-sized mousepad, look no further than the XTracGear Carbonic XXL.

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