Google Looks to Add Support for 3rd Party Plug-ins to Chrome

From DailyTech: Microsoft may hold the lion's share of the web browser market with its Internet Explorer browser, but alternative browsers are drawing a cadre of followers. A couple of the alternative web browsers that are available include Mozilla Firefox and Google's Chrome browser.

Hitachi GST, Intel team up for solid-state drives

From InfoWorld: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and Intel are teaming up to produce solid-state drives for servers and workstations, the companies said Tuesday.

Nokia's mystery device? The Nokia N97

From CNET Twenty-four hours after teasing us with news of a major product announcement, Nokia officially took the wraps off its mystery smartphone on Tuesday at the Nokia World 2008 conference in Barcelona, Spain. And despite some close guesses, no one got it quite right, so without further ado, let us introduce you to the Nokia N97.

Nintendo DSi Sells 500,000 Units in Japan

From PC World: Sales of Nintendo's new DSi handheld passed the half million mark during its first month on Japanese store shelves, according to data published on Tuesday.

The handheld, which was launched on Nov. 1, is a slightly remodeled version of the best-selling DS Lite and has a slightly larger screen and a digital still camera. It is also thinner but lacks a cartridge slot for running older GameBoy software.

Yahoo, Virgin Mobile Reach Mobile Search Agreement

From DailyTech: Yahoo and Virgin Mobile jointly announced that Yahoo will now become the sole mobile search provider for the British mobile phone operator's four million subscribers.

Yahoo now has about 80 percent of the British search market, up from around 76 percent. Virgin subscribers will have access to the Yahoo oneSearch platform starting on Monday, December 8.

Vista SP2 due next April, says report

From InfoWorld: Microsoft will deliver Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) to manufacturing in April 2009, two months after it issues a final test version to users, according to a Web site that accurately predicted several Windows ship dates in 2008.

Hackers boot Linux on iPhone

From CNET A new front has opened in the ongoing arms race between Apple and iPhone hackers, with one hacker group making the iPhone boot with a Linux 2.6 kernel.

The announcement of the successful kernel porting was made on the Linux on the iPhone blog, complete with instructions and source code.

Microsoft and Yahoo Dismiss Report of Search Deal

From PC World: Microsoft and Yahoo have dismissed a report that they're once again in discussions to sell Yahoo's online search business for $20 billion.

The Sunday Times wrote Microsoft had agreed to the "broad terms of a deal" but there was no guarantee that it would be completed.

"We continue to offer no comment on such rumors and speculation," according to a statement supplied by one of Microsoft's public relations agencies, Waggener Edstrom, in London on Monday.

Spam Increasing Again After Shutdown of Hosting Company

From DailyTech: Security researchers who warned the shutdown of McColo Corp. would only lower spam levels for a couple of weeks were correct, as one of the largest botnets on the internet, Srizbi, has been resurrected.

After two ISPs stopped offering service to McColo about two weeks ago, global spam mail dropped 70 percent due to the shutdown.

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