Sprint Launches Xohm WiMax Network in Baltimore

From PC World: Sprint Nextel launched its mobile Wimax broadband network in the city of Baltimore on Monday.

Xohm (pronounced "zome") will offer download speeds of between 2M bps (bits per second) and 4Mbps, with prices starting at US$30 a month for mobile users, the company said.

Report: Motorola expanding Android team

From CNET News.com:

The talk of the tech town lately has been Android, Google's cell phone operating system. Last week, Google and T-Mobile showed off the forthcoming G1--the first phone that will be powered by the open platform.

Report: Nintendo to Release New DS

From DailyTech: According to a Nikkei newspaper article that was translated on Neogaf, Nintendo plans to release a new DS handheld game console at the end of this year. This console will come equipped with a camera and double as a portable music player. The new version will also have improved wireless capabilities for accessing the internet. Pictures taken with the new DS's internal camera will be usable by games, opening up new game play possibilities.

Asustek Computer to Make New Mainboards More Affordable

From X-bit Labs: In an attempt to boost demand towards its latest Intel P45-based mainboards that aim premium market segment, Asustek Computer has cut prices on the appropriate products. Asus reportedly indicated that price cuts will clear out inventory before the firm rolls out its mainboards for Intel’s next-generation central processing units (CPUs).

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APH Networks Reports: Acronis True Image Echo Workstation

Apple selling unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong

From InfoWorld: Apple is selling the iPhone 3G on its Apple Store Web site in Hong Kong, promising the phones "can be activated with any wireless carrier."

Apple patches months-old Java bugs

From InfoWorld: Apple patched nearly 30 Java vulnerabilities in Mac OS X Wednesday, months after Sun Microsystems , Java's developer, fixed most of the same flaws for other operating systems.

Visa to Develop Applications for Android, Nokia Phones

From PC World: Visa wants to become a part of your mobile phone, working with Nokia on realizing mobile payments and also announcing services for Google's Android platform.

Court sides with Microsoft in Alcatel-Lucent case

From CNET News.com: A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that Microsoft need not pay damages to Alcatel-Lucent in a long-running patent dispute in a case that could have opened up a broad range of litigation over the MP3 music format.

The appeals court, in its ruling published Thursday, agreed with a lower court that Microsoft didn't infringe on one patent in question and that Alcatel-Lucent didn't have standing to sue over the other patent.


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