Microsoft Forms Games Studios Mobile Gaming

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp. formed its Microsoft Game Studios publisher back in 2002, about the same time it released its Xbox game console, in order to provide exclusive content for the new video game system. It looks like months before the launch of Windows Phone 7 operating system the company is preparing to set up Games Studios Mobile Gaming.

Micron Unveils Its First Enterprise SSD with SLC Flash Memory

From X-bit Labs: Micron Technology, a leading maker of various types of memory, has launched its first lineup of enterprise-class solid-state drives (SSDs) that combine single-level cell (SLC) flash memory with Serial ATA-600 interface. According to Micron, the novelty delivers up to 15 times higher write performance than competing offerings.

Do smartphones really need dual core chips?

51% (76 votes)
49% (72 votes)
Total votes: 148

Cooler Master CM Storm Inferno Review

Ever since the recent release of Starcraft 2, most of us who are hardcore gamers have become quite a bit busier. Whether it be playing through Campaign on 'Brutal' difficulty level for the Sarah Kerrigan portrait, or just running up the ranks on Ladder, one thing is for sure -- while playing Starcraft 2 (Or games of other genres, for that matter, such as RTS, RPG, and FPS), one needs to be prepared with the right equipment to go about playing such games. Sometimes, the generic keyboard and mouse that you picked up at your local computer store just don't cut it for this purpose. Most people would probably be wondering at this point, "What does all this has to do with this review?" Well today, we will be taking a look at yet another gaming peripheral. It hasn't been too long since our last foray into the high performance mouse world, such as the Logitech G500 and Mionix Naos 5000 we recently reviewed. Our product for evaluation today comes from Cooler Master, a company renowned for their power supplies and cases. Last year, they introduced their first gaming mouse called the Sentinel Advance under the CM Storm brand for gaming products. Recently, they have released a second mouse named the CM Storm Inferno, which we will be taking a look at today. Let's jump down into our review today, and see if we can get back to our 'busy' gaming schedule with a brand new addition to our arsenal of equipment!

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Microsoft Readies Internet Explorer Beta

From PC World: Microsoft on Thursday announced it will release a public beta of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on September 15, a little less than five weeks from now.

Only a minority of Windows users will be able to try the beta, however. IE9 will not work on Windows XP, the aged operating system that powers nearly 68% of all PCs running Windows. The new browser requires either Windows Vista or Windows 7 .

Details about Intel's upcoming Medfield smartphone chip emerge

From InfoWorld: Details have emerged about Intel's upcoming Medfield chip platform for smartphones, which is due for release in 2011 and will succeed the company's existing Moorestown platform, which was originally announced in May.

The Medfield platform will include a power-efficient version of the Atom processor, which will be integrated inside a chip code-named Penwell, according to a document originally posted on Intel's website, which is still available on Google cache.

Oracle sues Google over Android and Java

From CNET Oracle issued a press release late Thursday saying it has filed suit against Google for infringing on copyrights and patents related to Java, which Oracle acquired along with Sun Microsystems earlier this year. The terse release claimed Google "knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle's Java-related intellectual property."

Nvidia's Graphics Chips and Core-Logic Revenue Drops 30%

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp.'s sales of graphics processors and chipsets dropped 29.5% sequentially in the second quarter of fiscal 2011, the company said on Thursday. But weak sales of consumer chips was not the only reason why the firm posted a loss. Apparently, Nvidia was hit again by the charges for faulty chips that used inappropriate packaging material.

Samsung and Seagate to Jointly Develop Controller Tech for Enterprise SSDs

From X-bit Labs: Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of flash memory, and Seagate Technologies, a leading supplier of enterprise-grade hard disk drives (HDDs), on Thursday said that they had entered into a joint development of controllers for enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs). This is the second enterprise SSD-related agreement that Seagate signed in 2010.

Samsung Epic 4G, the Fastest Android Smartphone, Hits Sprint

From DailyTech: Samsung in May quietly slipped into first place in the overall U.S. mobile market. However, in the Android smartphone market, it's been forced to endure sitting in third place behind HTC and Motorola. That was largely because despite having a couple Android handsets (Moment and Intercept) it didn't have a truly dominant handset like its competitors -- until now.


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