Apple Computer Sales Slow, May Have Dropped to Fifth Place

From DailyTech: Apple has been facing a serious challenge to its energetic growth for the first time in several years. First the recession sent consumers running from its pricey products. Then a reinvigorated Microsoft launched an ad campaign, further cementing the price difference in consumers' minds, leaving Apple begging for them to relent.

Intel and Kingston Validate DDR3 Memory for Core i5 Chips

From X-bit Labs: Kingston Technology, one of the world’s top makers of memory products, has announced two of its 1333MHz DDR3 memory offerings were validated by Intel for use in its upcoming Core i5 systems.

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Google Apps Security Questioned After Twitter Leak

From PC World: Twitter uses Google Docs for information sharing. How do I know this? Well, it seems Twitter Inc. has had a pretty significant security breach which was brought on by a Twitter employee's Google Apps account being hacked. Have a look below at one of the screenshots the hacker has sent to various news sites.

According to Twitter founder Ev Williams:

Corsair Launches Extreme Series SSDs

From DailyTech: Corsair has launched its new Extreme series of SSDs that use the Indilinx Barefoot controller offering up to 240MB/sec read and 170MB/sec write speeds. The new SSDs will be available with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities.

Microsoft Retail Stores to Open Near Apple Stores

From DailyTech: Two of the most recognizable brands in the computer world are Apple and Microsoft. The rivalry between the two firms goes back to the foundations of both companies and the current crop of commercials both firms are airing each attack the other.

Intel Core i7 laptops coming--or have they already arrived?

From CNET Waiting for a Core i7 laptop? While Intel is slated to release its first mobile "Nehalem" Core i7 processor in the coming months, the desktop counterpart has already spawned a cottage industry of benchmark-busting laptops.

"It's completely revitalized the desktop replacement laptop," said Kelt Reeves, president of enthusiast PC maker Falcon Northwest, referring to designs that have shoehorned a desktop Core i7 processor into a laptop enclosure.

Palm confirms that iTunes update kills Pre sync

From InfoWorld: Palm confirmed late Wednesday that Pre owners can no longer use Apple's iTunes to sync their smartphones to Macs or PCs.

Apple updated iTunes to Version 8.2.1 today, and in its usual cryptic style, said that the new version "provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices."

Intel CEO keen on 'ultra-thins' as alternative to Netbooks

From CNET During Intel's earnings conference call Tuesday, CEO Paul Otellini said inexpensive "ultra-thins" will give users what they're missing in Netbooks, a theme that the chipmaker has been reiterating in various forums lately.

C&C4 Will Require Always-On Internet


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