VirtualBox Virtualizaton Software from Sun Gets Update

From DailyTech: Virtual machines (VMs) are widely used in enterprise and development environments and by individual users. VMs are often used to easily allow multiple operating systems to be run on a single computer.

Sun Microsystems has announced that it has upgraded its VirtualBox virtualization software. The main new feature of VirtualBox 3.1 is that users can move VMs between host machines with no interruption.

ViewSonic Making Smartphone That Runs Win XP

From Tom's Hardware: Smartphones have changed the way that we browse the web (and perhaps what you read in the bathroom). So far we've always had a different experience using our phones than our PCs due to both hardware and software differences.

Soon, there will be a solution for those of you who want the mobility of a smartphone coupled with a full desktop OS will want to keep an eye on the ViewSonic PC Phone VCP08.

Articles Roundup: November 30, 2009

Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 2GB Overclock Edition @ Elite Bastards
ASRock P55 Deluxe Intel P55 Motherboard @

Microsoft Expects Project Natal to Be a Giant Leap for TV

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp. said that its forthcoming Natal motion sensor will not only enable new experience in video games, but to also replace remote controls for TV-sets and enrich media experience of end-users. In fact, Microsoft expects wide convergence of the Internet, television and video games going forward.

Samsung beats 2009 handset forecast on touchscreen demand

From InfoWorld: Samsung Electronics is on track to beat its 2009 sales target of 200 million mobile phones, and touchscreen handsets will account for one of every five mobile phones it sells this year, the company said Monday.

The company did not provide a new mobile phone sales target.

Latest Microsoft Patches Cause Black Screen of Death

From PC World: Microsoft's latest round of security patches appears to be causing some PCs to seize up and display a black screen, rending the computer useless.

The problem affects Microsoft products including Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems, said Mel Morris , the CEO and CTO for the U.K. security company Prevx.

Xbox LIVE iPhone App Lets You Message on the Go

From PC World: Can't get enough Xbox LIVE out of your Xbox 360? Apple iPhone owner? Two bucks to spare? You might care to give 360 Live a look. It's a smallish 1.6MB app available through Apple's iPhone store designed to let you reach out and touch your Xbox LIVE account from just about anywhere, as well as several of the service's tracking and messaging features.

iPhone officially lands in South Korea

From CNET A month after Apple started selling its iPhone in China, the device expanded its Asian reach Saturday with a much-heralded launch in South Korea.

Barnes & Noble Nook to hit stores later than expected

From CNET If you're planning to head into a Barnes & Noble this week to get your hands on a Nook, put your plans on hold. Barnes & Noble said Sunday that it won't be featuring the e-readers in stores for sale or demonstration until December 7 due to excess demand for the device.

UK Firm Wins Approval to Send 30,000 Suspected Filesharers Threat Letters

From DailyTech: Here in the U.S. the legal campaigns of the RIAA and MPAA are the subject of long standing controversy. Decisions like the $1.92M USD verdict against mother Jammie-Thomas Rassert for 24 songs (allegedly representative of large infringement), largely divide the public, with some advocating suing infringers out of house and home and others blasting the tactics as thuggish and evidence of a out-of-touch intellectual property system.


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