'Arrandale' chip will be an Intel laptop first

From CNET News.com: Intel's upcoming "Arrandale" will be the first highly integrated chip of its kind from Intel and is expected to run the gamut of laptop designs, from ultrathin to mainstream.

PS3 Slim Still a Money Loser for Sony

From DailyTech: Sony unveiled the new PS3 Slim officially last week at Gamescom in Germany. The new console was officially announced after months of speculation swirling about not only the slimmer PS3, but a price cut as well. Thankfully, both the price cut and new PS3 console became reality.

AMD’s Bulldozer CPUs to Feature Simultaneous Multi-Threading Technology

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices announced during Hot Chips conference that its next-generation code-named Bulldozer microprocessors will feature simultaneous multi-threading technology (SMT) akin to Intel Corp.’s HyperThreading.

Analysts Expect Microsoft to Introduce Xbox 360 Slim Version

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp. may release a slimmer version of its Xbox 360 game console in 2010 to attract new customers to the platform, many analysts said. Besides introduction of slimmer version, Microsoft should also make its gaming platform more affordable in order to retain competitive advantage compared to Sony PlayStation 3.

Asustek's Android Eee PC remains in deep freeze

From InfoWorld: The CEO of netbook pioneer Asustek Computer said Tuesday that he still sees no clear market for mini-laptops known as smartbooks, the reason the company isn't moving forward in that product segment.

AMD Claims Twelve-Core Microprocessors to Retain Similar Thermal Envelope

From X-bit Labs: Even though the forthcoming code-named Magny-Cours microprocessors with twelve cores will feature two times more processing engines than predecessors, its power consumption will remain on approximately the same level compared to currently available six-core AMD Opteron “Istanbul” chip, the company has revealed.

Yahoo Still Considers Itself a Contender

From PC World: Prabhakar Raghavan, Yahoo's senior vice president of labs and search strategy made remarks in a Monday press conference indicating its intent to keep kicking. Aside from rolling out changes in their search, web mail, and instant messaging products, Yahoo execs also stated that they still consider Microsoft and Google competitors and have every intention of continuing to do battle.

Opera 10 nears final stages

From CNET News.com: Opera Software has completed its first release candidate of Opera 10, a browser that the company says has better performance, a Turbo mode for slow Internet connections, support for a variety of Web standards such as Web fonts, and improvements to the Opera Mail feature.

IBM to Show off Power7 CPU at Hot Chips Conference

From DailyTech: Each year at Stanford University the giants of the microprocessor industry come to the Hot Chips conference to showcase their newest and most powerful processors. During the conference the chips are run through benchmarks and one will walk away with bragging rights of the fastest processor available.

The Pirate Bay Briefly Taken Down, Admins Mock the 'MAFIAA'

From DailyTech: Many times the good things in life just don't last. That may yet be the case with The Pirate Bay. For years internet users worldwide used the site to get their music, TV, and movie fix. Some of the torrents were legal, others were orphaned works (technically illegal to share), and still others were blatant examples of infringement. But all these torrents had one thing in common -- they brought people across the world together through enjoyable experiences.


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