Articles Roundup: Extended Edition

Antec CP-850 850W Power Supply @
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Ultra Durable Motherboard @ Ninjalane

Nvidia Has "Tons of Exciting Opportunities" with Tegra - Company

From X-bit Labs: With the recent merge of the system-on-chip and core-logic development teams, Nvidia Corp. hopes to finally establish itself as one of the leading players on the market of chips for various handheld and ultra-portable devices.

Bad BitDefender update clobbers Windows PCs

From InfoWorld: Users of the BitDefender anti-virus software started flooding the company's support forums Saturday, apparently after a faulty anti-virus update caused 64-bit Windows machines to stop working.

The company acknowledged the issue in a note explaining the problem, posted Saturday. "Due to a recent update it is possible that BitDefender detects several Windows and BitDefender files as infected with Trojan.FakeAlert.5," the company said.

Xerox Researches Technologies for Emerging Markets in India

From PC World: Small print shops in India and other emerging markets often cannot afford to buy the software required for print and design services. Xerox researchers in Chennai in southern India are investigating the option of delivering the software to these businesses as a low-cost document service through a cloud computing model.

China State Media Cranks up Google Tension Amid Speculation

From PC World: State-controlled Chinese media accused Google of political motives in its threat to exit China, suggesting a hostile government stance as speculation grows that Google could act on a plan defying the country's regulations.

Other editorials published in recent days, which appear to mark a coordinated attack on Google in Chinese state media, played down the effects any exit by the company would have in China.

Novell rejects Elliot takeover bid as 'inadequate'

From CNET Novell has rejected an unsolicited $2 billion takeover bid from Elliot Associates, the business software provider announced in a statement Saturday.

"Our board of directors has concluded, after careful consideration, including a review of the proposal with its independent financial and legal advisers, that Elliott's proposal is inadequate and that it undervalues the company's franchise and growth prospects," Novell said.

Desperate times for Palm

From CNET When you report earnings in March, madness is not exactly the term you would like associated with your announcement. However, that's exactly what is surrounding Palm a day after it reported that its comeback hopes are dwindling as consumers fail to respond to the Palm Pre, Pixi, and its WebOS operating system in general.

YouTube Legal Bombshell: Viacom Uploaded Clips to YouTube, Then Tried to Hide Its Tracks

From DailyTech: Google dropped a bombshell today. It claims that Viacom, who is currently suing its video sharing site YouTube, knowingly and purposefully promoted the uploading of Viacom's copyrighted works to the site, trying to make them look like pirated copies.

Do you think up meaningful names for your computers?

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Specifications and Prices of GeForce GTX 400-Series Emerge on the Web

From X-bit Labs: Although much is known about Nvidia Corp.’s next-generation architecture code-named Fermi, there are still a few pieces missing from the puzzle, including performance of GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 graphics cards, their pricing and their specifications. A web-site claims that it has obtained information about pricing and specifications of the forthcoming products.


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