Intel: We Have Sold $1 Billion of Atom and Supporting Chipsets Year-to-Date

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of central processing units, said that shipments of mobile processors grew tremendously in Q3 2009, which allowed the company to post better-than-expected financial results for the quarter. What is even more noteworthy is that Atom and associated chipsets now represent over $1 billion dollar business for Intel, a situation that no one could foresee just about two years ago.

Microsoft manages to recover most Sidekick data

From InfoWorld: Microsoft has good news for most Sidekick users: the company says it has recovered most of the data for T-Mobile Sidekick users who saw personal information accidentally wiped from their devices earlier this week.

Redmond also provided a few more details about what went wrong with the servers that stored the cloud-based data, which includes contact lists, notes, tasks, calendar appointments, photographs, and gaming high scores.

I Don't Want to Sell Twitter, Says Biz Stone

From PC World: When you're co-founder of one of the hottest companies on the Internet dealing with acquisition rumors is a constant part of the job, but on Thursday Twitter's Biz Stone sought to put an end to the persistent talk that he wants to sell the company.

Reports: Google to launch online bookstore

From CNET The search giant announced Thursday at the Frankfurt Book Fair that in the first half of next year it will launch Google Editions, a new service that will deliver e-books to anyone with a Web browser.

RIM Launches BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Through Verizon, Vodaphone

From DailyTech: Smartphone maker Research in Motion is unveiling the BlackBerry Storm2. It is model 9550, not 9520 as reported by other websites. Its predecessor was the first BlackBerry to eschew a physical keyboard in favor of a touchscreen. It launched with mixed reviews, definitely not a good thing when you have competition like Apple's iPhone and the Palm Pre.

Acer Kicks Dell Out of Second Spot in Global PC Shipments

From DailyTech: The latest numbers in PC shipments for Q3 2009 are in from research firm IDC. According to the numbers, the PC industry is finally turning around with growth in the face of the poor economy. Intel posted growth this week for Q3 leading to speculation that the computer industry would as well and IDC's numbers indicate that is true.

Intel Reaffirms Aggressive 32nm Plans for 2010

From Tom's Hardware: Despite of the global economic crisis, Intel Corp. plans to finish building of four production facilities that will make chips using 32nm process technology next year. The chipmaker strongly believes that advantages provided by the new fabrication process will allow it to be more competitive.

Acer debuts smartphone, netbook with Google Android

From X-bit Labs: Acer, the world's third largest PC vendor, on Wednesday announced two of its most highly anticipated products with Google's Android mobile operating system on board, the Liquid smartphone and an Aspire One netbook.

Acer Liquid is a touchscreen smartphone running Android version 1.6, formerly codenamed Donut and the latest upgrade to the software. Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset inside the smartphone provides processing power and other capabilities.

An iPhone With FM Radio? Yes Please!

From InfoWorld: Apple is developing an in-house iPhone and iPod Touch radio application, which will enable users to listen to FM radio on their existing devices, according to sources quoted by 9to5Mac.

The iPhone 3G/3GS and the latest iPod Touch are able to receive FM radio signals, but Apple uses this functionality only to implement the Nike+ feature on these devices.

Next Microsoft Xbox Console to Use AMD GPU?

From PC World: Tag as "really iffy rumor," but tech site Fudzilla is claiming AMD's GPU technology will once more do the heavy lifting under the hood of Microsoft's next video games console.


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