iOS 4.1 update released to developers

From CNET Less than a month since its introduction, Apple has already released an initial version of a software update to iOS 4. iOS 4.1 was made available to developers Wednesday.

Mac Firefox users: Tabs on top coming next week

From CNET Mozilla said it hopes to release its second beta version of Firefox 4 "on or about July 22," bringing Mac users a major new user interface that the first beta enabled by default only on Windows.

Apple to Hold 1PM EST Press Conference on Friday to Address iPhone 4 Issues

From DailyTech: The title says it all folks. It looks as though the heat has finally got to Apple and they will now try to address the matter head on. According to Engadget, Apple has called a press conference for 10am PST on Friday (1pm EST) to specifically address the issues surrounding the iPhone 4.

Microsoft Exec Suggests Apple's iPhone 4 Debacle is Apple's "Vista"

From DailyTech: In the realm of bold statements, you might expect Microsoft's vocal and boisterous CEO Steve Ballmer to be sounding off. But instead it was mustachioed chief operating officer Kevin Turner who was playing the axman leveling a wild statement against one of Microsoft's chief rivals.

Speaking about the Windows Phone 7 series, which will be released over the holiday season, Turner remarked, "It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that."

Game Developer Expects Nintendo 3DS to Solve Games Piracy Problem

From X-bit Labs: A high-ranking executive from THQ, a leading game developer, said in an interview that Nintendo 3DS, a forthcoming game console, would feature a technology that would help game publishers to stop video game piracy. None of the details are available at the moment, but it is hardly a purely hardware solution given the fact that the 3DS should maintain backwards compatibility with previous-gen titles.

Intel Is Confident in Atom Based Tablets

From X-bit Labs: Although many analysts believe that tablets have all chances to compete directly against netbooks when it comes to content consumption, Intel Corp. still does not see tablets as a threat for netbooks. By contrast, the company believes that tablets will compliment netbooks and is also confident that Atom chips will be able to easily serve the emerging market.

Intel to roll out Sandy Bridge chips faster than expected

From InfoWorld: Intel's latest microprocessor family, code-named Sandy Bridge, will start rolling off production lines faster than expected due to rave reviews by customers, the company's CEO said Tuesday.

The world's largest chip maker even plans to spend more money on new factory equipment to speed up the rollout of the chips.

EU Approves Comcast’s Acquisition of NBC Universal

From PC World: The proposed acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast Corporation does not infringe competition laws in the European Economic Area (EEA), the European Commission announced on Wednesday.

The Commission was notified of Comcast's plans to acquire the U.S. media and entertainment company just last week, but quickly cleared it under the E.U. Merger Regulation as the parties' combined market share in the E.U. remains relatively small.

Intel posts $2.9 billion profit, cites strong demand

From CNET Intel's second-quarter profit surged past the dismal earnings reported in the same period last year.

eBay served with $3.8 billion patent suit

From CNET A company called XPRT Ventures says transaction system PayPal knowingly incorporated XPRT's e-commerce technology, for which it had filed for U.S. patents, into its own patent applications back in 2003--and has served parent company eBay with a $3.8 billion lawsuit.


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