Netflix: More than half of subscribers tap streaming video

From CNET Netflix's transition from a DVD distributor to a streaming content provider hit a notable milestone in the first quarter--55 percent of its nearly 14 million subscribers are now watching movies and TV via the Internet.

To put that streaming media figure into perspective, Netflix said that in the fourth quarter 48 percent of its subscribers watched more than 15 minutes of content. A year ago, 36 percent of subscribers watched streaming movies or TV episodes.

MSI Launches GX640 15" Gaming Notebook with Radeon HD 5850

From DailyTech: Yesterday, we brought you news of a new eco-friendly laptop from Lenovo, the L-Series. Today we turn the tides by going with a high-powered gaming laptop aimed at hardcore gamers on the go.

Dell Brings Thunder and Lightning with Android 2.1, Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

From DailyTech: Just when you though this week was done with smartphone leaks, two more are coming our way. The folks over at Engadget have come across leaked slides for three new smartphones from Dell. Two of them are affectionately named Thunder and Lightning.

The two smartphones are quite fetching and take advantage of two of the most high profile operating systems out there -- one of which has already been released, and one of which is still at least six months away.

Mainboard Makers Promise to Enable Additional Cores on Future Quad-Core AMD Chips

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to attract enthusiasts to their products, Asrock and Asustek Computer will implement a special capability that will allow to turn on disabled processing engines on the forthcoming quad-core AMD Phenom II 960T processors, effectively transforming them into six-core microprocessors.

AMD Ontario: Monolithic System-on-Chip, 40nm Fabrication Process

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices recently confirmed that it had received the first samples of its second Fusion design code-named Ontario that is aimed at netbooks, tablets and other low-power devices. But while AMD pins quite a lot of hopes onto Ontario, the company has so far been tight-lipped about its peculiarities, which seem to be pretty interesting.

Update: Yahoo Q1 revenue flat, profit rises

From InfoWorld: Yahoo's revenue grew slightly in the first quarter of 2010 but profits rose more strongly, as the company's display advertising business performed to management's satisfaction.

BlackBerry Prepping New OS and Clamshell Phone?

From PC World: If the latest rumors can be believed, the folks at BlackBerry are close to rolling out an entirely new operating system that will offer some welcome features like full multitouch functionality. BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion is also reportedly working on a new clamshell device, its second after the Blackberry Pearl Flip , that will be capable of running the new OS, version 6.0.

Google buys chip start-up from ex-Apple designers

From CNET Google and Apple continue to find themselves on opposite sides of the world, as Google has apparently agreed to buy a chip-design start-up populated by former Apple employees.

Adobe scraps work to bring Flash apps to iPhone

From CNET What a difference two weeks and a few words of legalese can make to the future of a widely used programming technology.

In that span of time, Adobe Systems has gone from touting its technology for building Flash applications that run on the iPhone to canceling future development of that technology.

Windows Phone 7 Architecture Leaks, "Developing Nations" Hardware Revealed

From DailyTech: This week, details about both the Windows Phone 7 architecture and low-end phone hardware for developing nations was aired.

Microsoft faces much the same position as Palm does in the smartphone market -- it's losing marketshare to a charging Google and is falling farther away from entrenched market leaders Apple and Research in Motion.


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