Lenovo hits stride in third quarter

From CNET News.com: Lenovo delivered a solid fiscal third-quarter profit on strong PC sales in China and the U.S.

The PC maker reported an operating profit of $99 million, a sum that doubled the second-quarter tally. Fiscal third-quarter revenue was up 33 percent from a year ago to $4.8 billion.

Sony sales, earnings bounce back

From CNET News.com: Thanks to intensive cost cuts, and buoyed by sales of Vaio PCs and PlayStation 3 game consoles, Sony's quarterly results are back in the black.

After four straight quarterly losses, the company rebounded in the third quarter of its fiscal 2009. Net income jumped 660 percent to 79.2 billion yen ($871 million), compared with 10.4 billion yen in 2008's third quarter, Sony reported Thursday.

ATI Launches $50 DirectX 11 Cards With Passive Cooling

From DailyTech: ATI is launching the Radeon HD 5450 for those people. The card uses ATI's newest 40nm chip from TSMC, codenamed Cedar. The GPU is a mere 59mm2, enabling the Radeon 5450 to become the first DirectX 11 video card to sell for under $50. It will use DDR3 or DDR2, depending on the Add-In Board partner who sells the card. 512MB versions will sell for around $50, while 1GB versions will sell for around $60.

Adobe Talks Flash 10.1, Apple, HTML5

From DailyTech: One of the most commonly used content types on the internet is Flash. Flash allows for cross browser/platform compatibility on video and other forms of content like games. Flash isn’t without its issues though with many users complaining about some of its weaknesses and looking forward to an alternative.

Windows 8 Dates Leaked, Windows 7 Hits 10% Market Share, IE8 Top Browser

From DailyTech: Microsoft struggled under a negative public image during the Vista years. However, the work it did would help to lay the foundation for Windows 7, perhaps Microsoft's most popular operating system to date. The new OS, which was released last October, was extremely well received thanks in part to an unprecedented public test program that saw millions download free trial builds of early versions of the OS and suggest ways Microsoft could improve it.

Gateway Unveils New SX, FX, and DX Desktops

From DailyTech: Gateway has announced new computer models today in its FX, DX, and SX desktop series. The FX series computers are desktop gaming machines in a newly designed chassis with front headphone and mic ports and a storage tray on top for cameras and other gear. The FX line will come in a few models with the top-end version being the FX6831-03.

Crucial's 6Gbps C300 Hits Stores February 22, Targets Intel

From DailyTech: Intel currently has the best selling solid state drive in the market, thanks to the impressive pricing and performance of the 80GB X25-M. The company uses its own proprietary controller to attain the fastest random read and write performance in any SATA-based SSD.

IBM to buy health care software firm

From CNET News.com: IBM said Wednesday that it has agreed to buy Initiate Systems, a privately held company that makes software designed to help health care companies manage and share information.

Corsair Launching Three Fast New SSDs

From Tom's Hardware: Memory company Corsair is diving deeper into the SSD market with plans to roll out a 512GB model that is focused on performance.

According to Hexus, the SSD will be of a 3.5-inch form factor – making it a desktop
solution – and will supposedly feature a 128MB cache and read and write speeds of 200MB/s and 240MB/s, respectively. Right now it's on UK e-tailer Scan's website listed at £1,064.15 (without VAT), or nearly $1,700.

Samsung Launches Eco-Friendly 2TB Hard Drive

From X-bit Labs: Samsung Electronics on Tuesday released its new lineup of EcoGreen hard disk drives (HDDs) with massive storage capacity and reduced power consumption. The new hard drives will definitely not offer truly high performance due to 5400rpm spindle speed, which is not high enough for drives that carry large amounts of data, however, which may be sufficient for a quiet HDDs for storing rarely accessed data.


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