Google fixes severe Chrome security hole

From CNET Google released a new version of its Chrome browser Thursday to fix a high-severity security problem.

The problem affects Google's mainstream stable version of Chrome and is fixed in the new version (download). Google has built Chrome so it updates itself automatically with no user intervention, though the software must be restarted for the new version to run.

ASUS EeeBox B208 Offers HDMI Out, Discrete Graphics

From DailyTech: The netbook ushered in the era of low coast ultra-portable notebooks for the masses and many consumers have jumped on the bandwagon. After the massive sales that netbooks were able to generate, manufacturers like ASUS starting putting the cheap netbook hardware inside machines meant for the desktop in an effort to create small form factor systems for desktop users.

Report: Intel SSD Price Cut on April 26

From Tom's Hardware: With no mechanical moving parts, no spinning platters, and just really fast flash memory, a SSD is likely the best upgrade that you can perform on your rig due to the storage subsystem being the slowest part of the typical computer system.

Symbian Foundation Ports S60 Operating System to Intel Atom Platform

From X-bit Labs: Symbian Foundation, an industry consortium that develops various versions of the Symbian operating system with the aim to create a more competitive open-source operating system, said that it had managed to port S60 operating system to Intel Atom platform. Potentially, this allows Atom to power smartphones and other mobile Internet devices (MIDs) powered by S60.

AMD plans 16-core server chip

From InfoWorld: Advanced Micro Devices is designing a server chip with up to 16 cores, quadrupling the count of its current quad-core server chips, the company said Wednesday.

Code-named Interlagos, the chip will have between 12 and 16 cores and be released in 2011, the company said at a press conference that was Webcast. Interlagos will be a follow-up to the 12-core chip code-named Magny-Cours that AMD plans to release in the first quarter of 2010.

Apple Approves Tasteless Baby-Shaker iPhone Game, Then Removes It

From PC World: Apple has landed in hot water with children's groups and angry parents after temporarily approving the Baby Shaker game in the iPhone App Store on Monday. Under pressure and criticism, Apple has now removed the application from its store.

MySpace CEO to step down

From CNET MySpace CEO and co-founder Chris DeWolfe is stepping down from his post, but will remain on the board and serve as a "strategic adviser," parent company News Corp. announced Wednesday.

In a press release, News Corp. said DeWolfe's contract would not be renewed by "mutual decision," and that the company was in talks with MySpace President Tom Anderson to assume "a new role in the organization."

Apple Reports Q2 Earnings

From DailyTech: When it comes to Apple, the thing most fresh in most peoples' minds have been Microsoft's "Laptop Hunter" ads. Microsoft's three ads took direct aim at Apple's "cool" but expensive laptops and compared them to Windows Vista-based laptops which offered similar specs for hundreds less.

AMD Lowers Prices on Microprocessors for Enthusiasts

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices said Tuesday that it would cut the prices of its central processing units (CPUs) aimed at enthusiasts. The move will popularize AMD’s platforms aimed at experienced users and will also clean the way for new processors due to be introduced shortly.

AMD Set to Ship Six-Core AMD Opteron Microprocessors in May to Boost Profitability

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday said that in a bid to boost sales of its lucrative microprocessors for servers it would start to ship its six-core AMD Opteron central processing units code-named already in May, 2009. The company needs the new chips as although it managed to improve sales of its microprocessors in Q1 2009, the company is still deeply unprofitable.


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