Asus to Release 11.6-inch Eee PC

From Tom's Hardware: We’ve seen Asus push the boundaries of what a netbook should do with the Eee PC 1004DN and its built-in optical drive.

Although we’ve seen larger-screened ‘netbooks’ from Dell in the Mini 12, Asus will soon be pushing the Eee PC to 11.6-inches, according to Digitimes.

Microsoft: Vista Will Live on Until at Least 2011

From Tom's Hardware: According to a report in Computerworld, a Microsoft spokesperson said the company has no plans to dump Vista when Windows 7 launches and will keep selling it to computer makers, system builders, volume licensees and consumers at retail until at least January 2011.

Intel Invests in ASM International to Secure Nanometer Process Technologies

From DailyTech: Intel Capital, the investment arm of Intel Corporation, has bought 4 percent of semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASM International (also known as ASMI) through open market transactions.

Microsoft Lays off More Workers

From PC World: Microsoft on Tuesday announced new job cuts that are part of the 5,000 the company said in January that it expected to eliminate.

The company did not say exactly how many people would be affected or describe which groups will lose the positions.

Apple adding 3G to MacBooks

From CNET An Apple job posting suggests the company might be thinking about adding 3G wireless radios to future MacBooks.

Time for Microsoft to fess up on Windows 7 date

From CNET With the release candidate for Windows 7 now publicly available, it's entirely reasonable for businesses and consumers to want to know when the final release will be available.
Reasonable maybe, but Microsoft still won't even confirm whether the release of Windows 7 is targeted for this year or early next year.

Windows 7 Gets Dose of High Octane...Wallpapers

From Tom's Hardware: Those who have already gotten their hands on Windows 7 will notice several things that are different. For one, Microsoft has been more transparent than ever in its development process. That could be due to the change in how people use the internet these days as compared to Windows Vista.

Former Chief Executive of Intel Believes Patent System Has to Be Altered

From X-bit Labs: Andrew Grove, the former chief executive officer of Intel Corp., said at a public even in Mountain View, California, that the current patent system had to be altered somehow. According to Mr. Grove, current patent instruments are akin to financial derivatives, which are believed to be a cause of the world’s financial crisis.

IBM buys Exeros data-discovery software

From InfoWorld: IBM has bought the data discovery software assets of Exeros, and will use them to enhance the services offered by its business analytics consulting division, it said Tuesday.

Exeros makes software that can automate the search for relationships between different databases, something the company says is a prerequisite for successful data quality or data integration projects.

China's Chips to Power Blade Servers This Year

From PC World: Blade servers based on microprocessors designed in China will power a supercomputer prototype to be revealed by a government-backed Chinese firm in September, the company said Tuesday.


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