iPhone 4 antenna issue: User error or design flaw?

From CNET News.com: After just a few days in customers' hands, the iPhone 4 has been demonstrated to show signal loss when gripped in a certain way. Apple is writing it off as easily fixable by altering the way it's held. But is it a problem with the way customers are holding it or a flaw in Apple's design?

Say Goodbye to Symbian on Nokia N-Series Phones

From DailyTech: In what appears to be somewhat of a turnaround for Nokia, the world's No. 1 mobile phone manufacturer announced that it is scrapping its ubiquitous Symbian OS on all future N-series models. Instead, its flagship phones will run MeeGo, a combination of two Linux-based platforms: Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin.

Reports: Hulu Coming to Xbox Live, PSN as Subscription

From DailyTech: Hulu is the web's hottest source of TV episodes, and one of the most visited sites on the internet. The PS3 may be in third place in the current generation console war, but many view it as the ultimate multimedia machine, with the ability to play a vast variety of content, including Blu-ray discs.

Dedicated PVR or HTPC?

Dedicated PVR box
52% (72 votes)
32% (45 votes)
VCR FTW, yo.
16% (22 votes)
Total votes: 139

Windows 7 SP1 Beta Now Out in the (Testing) Wild

From Tom's Hardware: As we reported last week, Microsoft has sent out beta invites for testers to give the upcoming Windows 7 SP 1 a go. The beta's been sent out and is now live for those who get to try it (or who find another ways of obtaining it).

Collaboration Of IBM, Globalfoundries, Samsung and STM Aimed to Attack TSMC

From X-bit Labs: The decision of four companies – IBM, Globalfoundries, Samsung Electronics and ST Microelectronics – to synchronize semiconductor manufacturing facilities for the production of advanced chips based on low-power 28nm process represents a strong threat for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, believes Boris Petrov of Petrov Group, a semiconductor analyst company.

Google launches HTML5 developer site

From InfoWorld: HTML5 rocks, Google declared this week. The company launched a developer resource site devoted to HTML5 technologies and is calling it HTML5rocks.com

The budding HTML5 specification features multimedia capabilities for the Web and is being embraced by companies ranging from Google to Microsoft and Apple. HTML5 covers a broad spectrum, said Eric Bidelman of Google Chrome developer relations, in a blog entry.

Brisk Apple iPhone Sales Dominated by Upgrades

From PC World: Existing iPhone owners upgrading to the iPhone 4 were mostly responsible for draining the stock of the coveted phone at retail stores across the U.S. Thursday. Seventy-seven percent of iPhone customers in line at Apple Stores on Thursday were repeat iPhone users, according to researchers at Piper Jaffray.

Apple acknowledges antenna issue in iPhone 4

From CNET News.com: Apple has finally acknowledged that the way you hold the iPhone 4 can hinder the device's cellular reception.

Complaints about weakening or disappearing signals when the iPhone 4 is gripped in a particular way--usually by touching two seams of the antenna band on the exterior of the phone simultaneously--began popping up late Wednesday night, and continued to appear Thursday.

Flash arrives in Google's Chrome browser

From CNET News.com: Google has fulfilled a promise to build Adobe Systems' Flash Player into Chrome, a move that helps keep the beleaguered plug-in relevant despite significant efforts to replace it.

Chrome 5.0.376.86, the stable version of Chrome released Thursday, extends the plug-in to the mainstream version of Google's browser. Previously it was only in the developer and beta releases, and because of some hiccups it was disabled for a time there.


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