WD Launches 3TB Caviar Internal HDD, Breaks 2.2TB Barrier

From DailyTech: Solid State Drives are the speedy choice for many enthusiasts, but some of us still rely on traditional magnetic hard disk drives for our data storage. Even SSD evangelists have to concede that the low cost per gigabyte and large capacities of HDDs mean that it will remain the dominant storage medium for the foreseeable future.

Android 3.0 'Gingerbread' Details Emerge

From DailyTech: Back in June, we reported Google's plans to launch a major Android update, "Gingerbread" (Android 3.0), in Q4 2010. Amongst other things, Gingerbread promised to kill off third-party "bloatware" like HTC Sense UI and Motoblur, and would only be available for top-tier devices. Now, thanks to the folks over at Phandroid, we have a slightly better idea of what some of those "other things" may be.

Apple Has Another Strong Quarter Thanks to iPhone Sales

From DailyTech: Another quarter has passed and Apple has yet again blown away analyst earnings predictions. You'd think that the tired Wall Street gurus would have learned by now.

AMD's new 'Llano' chip targets sleek designs

From CNET News.com: Advanced Micro Devices showcased its upcoming Llano chip today, a highly integrated design targeted at sleek computers.

Ray Ozzie stepping down from Microsoft

From CNET News.com: In a surprise move, Microsoft announced today that Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is leaving the company.

The move, which raises questions about the company's future technology direction, was announced in an e-mail to employees from CEO Steve Ballmer. Ozzie is leaving after an unspecified transition period, expected to be several months.

IPv4 addresses will run out within months, NRO warns

From InfoWorld: The global body in charge of allocating Internet addresses expects to hand out the final blocks of IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) addresses to regional registrars early next year, it said Monday.

Atheros Merges Home Wi-Fi, Powerline Networks

From PC World: Chipmaker Atheros Communications tried to simplify home networks on Monday with reference designs for combined Wi-Fi and powerline networks, even as the technologies in this field remain complex and potentially confusing for consumers.

Leaked Verizon Document Promises 4 New Android World Phones

From DailyTech: Verizon's roadmap leak in August offered us a broad glimpse into the carrier's short-term plans. Now, the folks over at Android Central have gotten their hands on another leak that offers a few more specifics, particularly about four new Android world phones heading to Big Red before the end of the year.

Sprint 4G to Hit NYC, LA, and San Francisco

From DailyTech: Clearwire, in a series of press releases, announced the coming availability of its 4G WiMax network with network partner Sprint in three of the most important metro areas in the United States -- New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The Big Apple is expected to receive the high-speed data network first, as early as November 1st. Los Angeles is set to go live a month later -- on December 1st -- and San Francisco is slated for late December.

Adobe Reader X to come within 30 days

From CNET News.com: Adobe Systems is expected to announce tomorrow the next version of its Acrobat software, dubbed Adobe Acrobat X.

The software will include the free PDF (portable document format) viewing software Adobe Reader X, which is expected to be available for download within 30 days, Adobe said.


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