Amazon's in-cloud database gets MySQL option

From CNET Expanding its cloud-computing storage services to a higher level, unveiled a new option called Amazon RDS for companies that want to store information in a database on the other side of the Internet.

Intel Releases TRIM Firmware for SSDs, Boosts Write Speed By 40%

From DailyTech: Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system launched to great fanfare last week, but one of the most important features for Solid State Drive owners has been commonly overlooked. That feature is the the Trim attribute of the ATA Data Set Management Command, commonly known simply as TRIM.

Microsoft Kills Windows 7-themed "Family Guy" Variety Show Due to Questionable Content

Dell Selling Multi-Touch LCD for Windows 7

From Tom's Hardware: Dell finally brought its multi-touch monitor here to the States after specs prematurely appeared online earlier this week. The SX2210T is the company's first dedicated multi-touch LCD display, and supports either one finer or two. The display is also compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium and above.

Western Digital Increases Investments into SSD Tech

From X-bit Labs: Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives that recently acquired a maker of flash-based drives, said that it would boost investments into creation of more advanced solid-state drives (SSDs).

Windows 7 upgrade paralyzes some PCs with endless reboots

From InfoWorld: Some users trying to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 have seen their PCs crippled by an endless series of reboots, according to reports on Microsoft's support forum.

A Microsoft engineer writing on the same forum said the company was investigating users' problems, but downplayed them as "isolated issues."

Verizon Revenue up Slightly in Third Quarter

From PC World: Verizon Communications reported revenue of US $27.3 billion for the third quarter of 2009, up 10.2 percent from a year earlier, but up only 0.6 percent if revenue from the January acquisition of competitor AllTel is taken out.

Verizon's net income for the quarter was $2.9 billion, down from $3.2 billion in the third quarter of 2008. Adjusted earnings per share were $0.60, beating analyst expectations of $0.59, according to Thomson Reuters.

Netflix streaming coming to PS3

From CNET A Netflix press release spelled out the details of deal. The good news is that the streaming feature--which enables Netflix subscribers to access thousands of movies and TV shows on-demand via the Internet--is available at no extra charge beyond the monthly Netflix DVD-by-mail subscription, which can be as low as $9 a month. (By contrast, Xbox 360 owners also need to subscribe to Xbox Live, which is an extra $50 per year.)

Hollywood wants share of Netflix's windfall

From CNET Who could begrudge Reed Hastings and his Netflix management team from celebrating at this point--the corporate equivalent of an end-zone dance?

Wall Street and Netflix subscribers appear overjoyed with the direction that Netflix's CEO has the Web's top video-rental store pointed in. The only people who don't seem pleased with Netflix's success work in Hollywood.

Opera 10's Turbo Mode Proves to Be Hit, Scores Almost 3 Million Users

From DailyTech:
While Firefox and Internet Explorer earn most of the news and publicity, smaller browsers like Google Chrome and Opera are quietly earning more marketshare. Norwegian-based Opera recently debuted a new browser, Opera 10, which brought improved speed compatibility, and some innovative built-in features.


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