EU: Microsoft to test browser 'ballot screen'

From CNET European Union regulators said Wednesday that Microsoft can go ahead and start using its latest proposed "ballot screen," which will let new users of Windows choose which browser--or browsers--they wish to use.

The decision to let Microsoft "market test" the latest version would seem to mark the wrapping up of the latest antitrust skirmish with Brussels.

Update: AT&T Opens iPhone to 3G VoIP Traffic, Skype President Responds

From DailyTech: When it comes to VoIP on the iPhone, both Apple and AT&T have been quite restrictive with regards to what is made available to customers. Customers wishing to use VoIP programs like Skype on the iPhone have been relegated to using Wi-Fi instead of streaming data over AT&T's already fragile 3G network.

Sanyo Releases New 'eneloop' Batteries

From DailyTech: Sanyo today released new, upgraded versions of the "eneloop" rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, with a promise of even more recharge times.

The new eneloop batteries can be recharged up to 1,500 times according to Sanyo utilizing new material, structure, and manufacturing methods.

Graphics Cards Suppliers Accuse ATI, Nvidia of Creating Shortage on the GPU Market

From X-bit Labs: Taiwan-based suppliers of graphics cards have accused ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, and Nvidia Corp. of creating shortages on the market of discrete desktop graphics processing units (GPU). Meanwhile, both ATI and Nvidia have shifted their inventory policies, which does not allow their partners to receive huge discounts when buying graphics chips in large quantities on the last day of a quarter.

Globalfoundries Set to Make ARM Microprocessors

From X-bit Labs: Globalfoundries, a joint-venture between Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company, on Tuesday said that it had gained another strategic partner and customer. ARM, a leading designer of low-power microprocessors, will develop its chips in accordance with Globalfoundries’ design rules. As a result, the latter will be able to build ARM-based system-on-chips (SoCs) for various devices using 28nm high-K metal gate process.

Smartphone maker Palm to launch developer program for WebOS platform

From InfoWorld: Smartphone maker Palm plans to open a full-scale developer program to encourage third-party applications for its webOS platform by the end of the year and has just begun a trial run of its App Catalog store.

Samsung, HTC Offer First Windows Mobile 6.5 Phones

From PC World: HTC and Samsung are at the head of the line of U.S. handset vendors offering Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, the first smartphones based on Microsoft's new OS that are meant to finally give Microsoft-powered phones features that are on par with those available in Apple's iPhone.

Gmail also hit by e-mail phishing scheme

From CNET Hotmail users aren't the only ones who've been hit by a phishing scheme over the past week. Google told BBC News on Tuesday that Gmail users have also been affected by the hackers who posted passwords online.

The problem is far more widespread than was disclosed on Monday, possibly affecting Yahoo and AOL e-mail accounts as well, according to BBC News.

Windows mobile app store, My Phone service officially opening

From CNET On Tuesday morning, as Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 phones hit the market, two of its mobile services are officially launching.

Brand new to 6.5 phones are Windows Marketplace for Mobile--an application storefront like that found on iPhone, BlackBerry, and every other major mobile OS--and a Web-based backup and sharing service called My Phone.

Apple Leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce

From DailyTech: Apple has been criticized by groups that monitor the green footprint of major manufacturers like Greenpeace for not being green enough – even Dell once jumped on the bandwagon. Apple has taken steps to green up its business and reduce the amount of pollutants that it produces. The company is now looking to change public opinion and is at odds with a major business lobbying group over its green policies.


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