Rambus Demos 7.20GHz XDR Memory Sub-System

From X-bit Labs: Rambus, a leading developer of memory and interface technologies, this week demonstrated an XDR-based memory sub-system that ran at 7.20GHz. Rambus claims that despite of very high clock-speed, the XDR-powered system consumes 40% less power compared to GDDR5 memory sub-system.

Google's Android gets native development capabilities

From InfoWorld: Google moved to boost its Android mobile device software platform this week by offering developers a kit that enables them to call native code from Android applications.

Android 1.5 Native Development Kit (NDK), Release 1 allows developers to implement parts of applications using native languages including C and C++. Android applications run in the Dalvik virtual machine, which is Google's own software for running Java and serves as Android's primary runtime.

Call of Duty Offered as Download for PowerPC and Intel Macs

From PC World: Aspyr Media has announced the release of Call of Duty Deluxe Edition, a $30 download available through its GameAgent online download service.

Apple sued over iTunes gift cards

From CNET News.com: Illinois residents Daniel and Barbara Owens are suing Apple, accusing the company of fraud related to its iTunes gift cards.

The suit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in southern Illinois and obtained by CNET, shows that the couple is seeking monetary damages for Apple's "wrongful, illegal, improper and fraudulent acts."

NPD Analyst Says Windows 7 Pricing is "Way Too Much"

From DailyTech: Microsoft announced its Windows 7 pricing yesterday, and today began accepting preorders for the new OS. The preorder program in the U.S. offers a cheaper OS than Vista or XP, with the Home Premium upgrade only costing $49.99. Yet some analysts are looking at the glass half empty and have gone on the record to publicly reprove Microsoft.

Apple's IPhone Suffers More Signal Problems

Evening Articles Roundup June 25, 2009

Only ten for tonight -- that saves me so much work lol.

Microsoft's Free AV Protection Looks Great, But Has Been Pulled From Download

From DailyTech: Codenamed "Morro", Microsoft's free antivirus software offering has been one of the most anticipated software releases of the year, perhaps only playing second fiddle to Microsoft's own Windows 7. The release is expected to shake up the security market, which is split currently between pricey offerings, and a handful of free competitors like AVG which assail the user with ads encouraging them to purchase "premium" versions.

Western Digital Unveils 4TB NAS, Works With PC, Xbox, PS3

From DailyTech: It used to be that network attached storage was something that only business users really considered. The amount of data on personal networks in homes wasn't big enough in years past to warrant network storage.

Microsoft Shows Off Windows 7 Packaging in More Detail

From DailyTech: Microsoft's Windows 7 is the mostly highly anticipated software release of the year. Built on the solid underlying guts of Windows Vista, Windows 7 provides the graphical flash and trim performance that Vista somewhat lacked. The new OS has already seen millions of installs of its release candidate and is drawing comparisons to such beloved versions of Windows such as 98 SE and XP SP3.


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