Intel's 'Larrabee' to Be "Huge"

From Tom's Hardware: This information comparing Larrabee to Nvidia's GTX 285 was preliminary, and given to us by a company close to Intel and Nvidia. After posting, we received more information on what Larrabee could shape up to be from one of Intel's very close and large partners. The following information should be taken as "current-known" information, and may very well change when Intel ships Larrabee.

Netbooks on verge of big shake-up

From InfoWorld: Asustek kicked off an entirely new category in the mobile computing space when it presented a prototype of its Eee PC at Taiwan's Computex trade show two years ago. Since then, many users have embraced netbook PCs for their small size, light weight, and low cost. Their popularity pushed Microsoft to extend the life of Windows XP and they've turned out to be one of the bright spots in the PC industry over the last few months.

Sun Shareholders Will Vote on Oracle Deal on July 16

From PC World: Sun Microsystems has scheduled a special shareholders meeting for July 16 for a vote on whether to accept Oracle's US$7.4 billion proposal to buy the company. Sun's board has unanimously recommended the transaction go through.

The industry has been abuzz with speculation about how Oracle, which made its bid in April, will handle Sun's assets and influence, particularly its stewardship of the Java programming language and the open-source MySQL database.

Windows 7 not likely to jolt PC market

From CNET Microsoft's top Windows business executive said Monday that for all his excitement about Windows 7, he doubts the release of the operating system will lead to a significant spike in PC sales.

Reports of Yahoo Getting Binged Appear to be Mistaken

From DailyTech: The Yahoo Microsoft saga is an irresistible one for the tech news community, both for journalists and readers alike. After Yahoo scorned Microsoft's 2008 purchase offer, Microsoft decided to go its own way, cooking up Kumo. So when the newly renamed Kudo, now Bing, was released last week and appeared to seize second place in searches from Yahoo, some quickly reported Microsoft to be victorious over Yahoo. Now it appears those reports may have been premature.

Cell phone in your pocket, or in your bag?

67% (85 votes)
33% (42 votes)
Total votes: 127

ATI Expects a “Wave” of DirectX 11 Game Titles to Ship This Year

From X-bit Labs: ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, said that the adoption rate of the next-generation Microsoft DirectX 11 application programming interface (API) by game developers is rather high and that the company expects to see “a wave” of titles supporting DirectX 11 already this year.

Google Street View Gets Smart Navigation

From PC World: Google's popular and yet controversial (in some places) Street View service received a nifty update this morning, in the shape of smart navigation. By now, users had to navigate through Street View using some pretty basic forward and backward arrows along the roads, but things got better now.

Report: Steve Jobs on track for June return

From CNET Steve Jobs is on track to return to the helm of Apple this month after nearly six months of medical leave, according a report in The Wall Street Journal that cited unnamed sources.

Sony Says no PS3 Price Cuts Coming

From DailyTech: Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are fighting for the dollars of gamers around the globe. The sales pecking order in the gaming console market is well defined with Nintendo in first, Microsoft in second, and Sony bringing up third place.


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