Amazon offers more cloud control

From CNET's cloud-computing arm has added new features to help users monitor cloud resources, adjust capacity, and balance traffic loads.

In an announcement Monday, Amazon Web Services unveiled a public beta of the three new features: the CloudWatch monitoring service, Auto Scaling for on-demand capacity adjustments, and Elastic Load Balancing for redistributing traffic.

Google Forced to Retake All Street View Images in Japan

Do you pronounce "Skype" correctly?

Yep; rhymes with "pipe" and "ripe"
88% (161 votes)
"Sky-pee". Wait, that's wrong?
12% (22 votes)
Total votes: 183

Apple May Just Be Breaking Even With App Store

From DailyTech: Apple's App Store helped establish the iPhone as a top seller, and was arguably one of Apple’s most visible properties. With Apple recently passing the 1 billion downloads mark; some analysts took to estimating Apple's net income from the store.

Windows 7 to Offer Better Hyper-Threading Support

From DailyTech: Microsoft is working hard to make things better for the launch of Windows 7 following the lukewarm reception to Windows Vista. Vista was plagued with early hardware and software incompatibility issues that were one of the main reasons enterprise customers refused to migrate from XP.

Microsoft's Kumo sneaks out in public

From CNET Microsoft has begun to broaden the testing of its next-generation search technology.

For the past two months, Microsoft has been running an internal test of the technology, which is code-named Kumo. However, some of the design changes that are part of that update are now in limited public testing.

Google change could stir more advertiser angst

From CNET Google's love-hate relationship with the advertisers that pay its bills could hit another rocky patch following its latest AdWords policy change.

AMD Set to Unveil AMD Athlon II X2, Phenom II X2 in Early June

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second largest supplier of x86 central processing units, will officially unveil its AMD Athlon II X2 and AMD Phenom II X2 processors on June 2, 2009, according to sources close to the chipmaker. The new chips are expected to improve the company’s positions in the entry level CPU market segment.

Google, urge cloud deployments

From InfoWorld: Google and executives stressed the benefits of cloud computing Thursday at a Silicon Valley technology event, with a Google executive going so far as to state that cloud deployments are now necessary for a business to stay competitive.

Executives from the two cloud service providers appeared at a "Cloud Clinic" event at the PlugandPlayTechCenter in Sunnyvale, Calif., hailing the cloud concept and their companies' respective cloud offerings.

Facebook Slammed with Another Phishing Attack

From PC World: Facebook was hit with yet another phishing attack yesterday as malicious e-mails went to some of the social networking site's 200 million users. The attack, which Facebook is actively fighting, asked members to leave Facebook and access outside sites that then stole user names and passwords.


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