PC Game Digital Downloads Dramatically Outpace Retail Sales

From PC World: More from 'the writing's on the wall' department, it seems digital download versions of PC games have roared past sales of physical retail units during the first six months of 2010.

Samsung flexes young photo muscles with NX100

From CNET News.com: Samsung, showing off its new higher-end compact NX100 camera, declared its ambition Monday to become a power in the camera industry.

"I believe the NX100 will be the catalyst for photo innovations in the digital camera industry and will propel Samsung forward to become one of the world's leading manufacturers," said Sangjin Park, president of Samsung's digital imaging division, speaking at press event here at the Photokina show here.

HP updates all-in-ones with new Omni budget line, updated TouchSmart

From CNET News.com: HP announced details of two new all-in-one desktops for its holiday line-up this morning. The updated TouchSmart 310 features a brand new case design and new touch software, including a new touch-based Marvel Comics download service with access to the largest library of downloadable Marvel comics yet. HP has also created a new product family, the Omni, to encapsulate its low-cost, non-touch all-in-ones.

Facebook: We're Not "Building" a Smartphone

From DailyTech: Yesterday, TechCrunch broke the news that Facebook was secretly building its own smartphone, or at least developing a deeply integrated OS for a smartphone.

LG CEO Steps Down Amid Woeful Smartphone Performance

From DailyTech: When you think of the words "compelling Android smartphone" and "LG" in the same sentence its hard to bring an image to mind. While the South Korean electronics maker does have a couple of Android phones (namely, the Ally and Optimus One) it has failed to keep up with Motorola, Apple, Samsung, and even much smaller Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

Intel Enables Additional Performance for Chips for Money

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. sells upgrade cards that enable Hyper-Threading, additional cache and other capabilities of Pentium-class processors and bring them to the level of performance of Intel Core central processing units (CPUs).

Sony Starts to Supply PSP2 to Game Developers

From X-bit Labs: An executive from the Netherrealm Studios, a game development company, said that Sony Computer Entertainment had already started to supply samples of its PlayStation Portable 2 platform to game developers. Apparently, PSP2 is "pretty powerful", but no other details were released.

Do you own any USB 3.0 devices?

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83% (121 votes)
Total votes: 145

Thermaltake Armor A60 Review (Page 1 of 4)

Back in the days, I remember being convinced to join the APH Networks community for a contest as it could win me some great prizes. In retrospect, at that time I was merely thinking, "I might win something... hopefully" and still, I doubted myself because I thought had little chance. But times have changed, and so do our perspectives on different aspects of life. And indeed, it gave me new opportunities to find out my own interests. Stumbling across my first prize was Cooler Master's HAF 932 full tower chassis at the time. From a simple prize, and quite a while later I was invited to join the team, I recently stumbled yet across another interesting product. To be honest, this was one case I never have expected to own, as I did not even put a second of thought into. At first impression, I thought this case looked pretty nice, with well implemented blue LED fans. But when I come to think about it, I am a very picky person when building my own computer, especially when it comes to the quality and stylish design of a case like our Editor in Chief Jonathan Kwan. I personally prefer a mid or full tower enthusiast case with a fairly large unobstructed side window. Front and rear fans are standard requirements on all of my cases. The designs and features of the chassis would have to be distinct and fundamentally different from any other case the average user may own. The Thermaltake Armor A60 I stumbled upon recently seems to fit my requirements for the most part. For MSRP $90 at press time, how well does it mix in with my collection of high performance computers? Let us reveal the Thermaltake Armor A60 to you today!

View: Thermaltake Armor A60 Computer Chassis review

Windows Phone 7 Likely Coming to AT&T, T-Mobile First

From PC World: When Microsoft's much-hyped Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system arrives next month, it'll most likely debut on handsets from wireless carriers AT&T and/or T-Mobile, according to published reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Windows Phone 7, the stylish successor to Redmond's aging Windows Mobile platform, will initially appear on GSM cellular networks, which in the U.S. means AT&T and T-Mobile.


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