FTC Makes Second Request for Information on Google AdMob Purchase

From DailyTech: Google makes huge amounts of money from its internet advertising programs and is always looking to expand its advertising reach by acquisitions and new advertising avenues. One of the most recent advertising avenues that Google is looking to pursue is mobile ads.

Rumored Tablet Sends Apple Shares Upward

From DailyTech: While some companies have struggled to shake off their recession hangover, one company that certainly hasn't had that problem is Apple. Following a brief lull in Mac sales, the company has posted strong iPhone and Mac sales as the year has progressed, along with better than expected sales of the veteran iPod brand. The refreshed iMac even outsold any single PC model in October.

How much money did you spend this Christmas:

None. I'm too awesome.
7% (15 votes)
20% (42 votes)
32% (66 votes)
27% (55 votes)
Too much to count!
14% (29 votes)
Total votes: 207

Merry Christmas from the team at APH Networks!

On behalf of the team at APH Networks, we'd just like to take time to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas this season. Our new annual theme, "Breakthrough Zero", is up! We have lots of great things and plans for the upcoming year, including a series of exciting upcoming articles and reviews right after New Year. Meanwhile, enjoy your time with family and friends, and don't forget the reason for the season!

2009 Christmas Review Special: Philips X-treme Power +80 Halogen Bulbs

APH Networks Reports: Seasonic S12D 850W

Shortages of DRAM Expected to Occur in the Second Half of 2010

From X-bit Labs: Thanks to the recovery of the global economy, shortage of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) has accelerated since August and reached its peak in October this year. While the demand towards personal computers will be traditionally weak in Q1 2010, with the continuing recovery it is highly likely that DRAM shortages will return in the second half of the year, claims DRAMeXchange research company.

Oracle sued over UI tech in Fusion Applications

From InfoWorld: A Georgia company is suing Oracle for fraud and copyright infringement, saying the vendor is unlawfully using the company's technology to build user interfaces associated with Fusion Applications, a long-awaited, next-generation product family set for release next year.

High Windows 7 Satisfaction Spurs Business Spending

From PC World: Windows 7, just two months on the market, is accelerating the pace of corporate computer buying, market research firm ChangeWave said.
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Part of the reason may be that 93% of the IT professionals polled said that their company is satisfied with the new operating system, a one percentage point increase over a similar survey in July.

Latest HDMI 1.4 Specification to Add 3D Support

From PC World: HDMI Consortium is preparing to add 3D support to its latest 1.4 specification, which could bring 3D gaming and movie watching to high-definition TVs.

HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) ports connect external devices like set-top boxes or gaming consoles to displays like TV sets. Many of the HDMI ports are based on the 1.3 specification that do not support TV, but the upcoming ports based on the latest specification will support 3D.


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