Seagate Will Cut 2,950 Jobs

From DailyTech: Seagate is the largest maker of hard drives and makes products for virtually all categories where magnetic storage is needed from computers to other applications. The company announced this week that it would lay off employees in the face of reduced demand for its products.

Google Looks to Resellers for Its Apps

From DailyTech: Microsoft is well known for many things, most notably its Windows operating systems that are used by the majority of PCs on the planet. The massive software firm is also known for its very popular Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Palm request for app store advice opens floodgate

From InfoWorld: Andrew Shebanow didn't imagine that asking for feedback about how Palm's app store should work would open up a flood of input. He also didn't expect the move would change his job description. But now both have happened.

HP injects Adaptive Infrastructure with orchestration, recovery

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard on Thursday added tools for orchestration and recovery to its Adaptive Infrastructure portfolio. And, as with most enterprise-class technology announcements these days, HP said that the new tools promise IT cost-savings and reduced risks.

HP enhanced its Insight Dynamics VSE, software for managing physical and virtual resources alike, with the new Insight Orchestration and Insight Recovery tools, the company said.

YouTube launches TV-friendly site for consoles

From CNET Don't have an Apple TV or a TiVo box, and have been lusting after watching YouTube videos from your couch? If you've got a Nintendo Wii or a Sony PlayStation 3 video game console, the Google property has just released an overhauled version of its living room-friendly console interface that puts it about on par with those two offerings.

Yahoo CEO Bartz to receive $1 million salary

From CNET Yahoo is providing its new CEO, Carol Bartz, with a $1 million base salary, as part of a lucrative $19 million compensation package for the former Autodesk executive, according to a filing Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Apple faces credibility crisis over Jobs' health

From CNET Apple may have wanted to protect Steve Jobs' privacy with the way it chose to address his health. But the end result is a credibility problem that will not go away easily.

AMD Preps Dual-Core Chips for Thin-and-Light Laptops – Company

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices will offer dual-core microprocessors for thin-and-light notebooks in 2009, the company revealed on Wednesday. While there is no news that AMD is preparing dual-core chips for ultra-portable notebooks, the company’s confirmation that those products will be available already this year sounds promising.

Google will lay off 100 recruiters, shift to fewer sites

From InfoWorld: Google is planning to lay off 100 recruiters, and is closing down engineering offices in Texas, Norway, and Sweden as the company copes with the global economic downturn.

Google Kills Services: Notebook, Dodgeball, Others Gone

From PC World: Google is shutting down various unpopular projects it has been working on and is also sacking about 100 employees, in what it seems to be a bad week at the search giant's offices around the world.

So what is actually happening? Well, the bad economic times are catching up with the search giant, so Google is downsizing by closing some unpopular or unproductive projects and is shifting to fewer engineering site.

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