Zuckerberg Reveals Meta Quest 3 Days Before WWDC

From CNET: Apple's expected VR/AR headset reveal looks like it's right around the corner at WWDC, but Meta has leaped ahead with headset news of its own. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram channel revealed a lot more about the Quest 3, which had been expected by the end of this year. The price, starting at $500, will be more than that of the Quest 2, but less than that of the PlayStation VR 2. Zuckerberg said on his channel that more details on the Quest 3 and the launch date will happen around Meta's Connect developer conference on Sept. 27.

A follow-up to 2019's Quest 2, the current most popular headset on the market, the Quest 3 was already known to exist since last fall. A number of details, including a hands-on test drive of a prototype version, had leaked before Zuckerberg's news drop today.

Meanwhile, the Quest 2 is getting a price drop back to $300 -- its original starting price -- along with a promised performance-improving software update soon.

Meta also revealed a number of upcoming VR games for the Quest 2 and Quest 3 coming this year, including an Assassin's Creed VR game, a game based on the Attack on Titan anime series, a port of Sega's classic game Samba de Amigo, and a standalone VR sequel to the PC RPG Asgard's Wrath.

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