Nvidia's new Shield Android TV, AI Spot tap power of Google Assistant

From CNET: CEO Jen-Hsun Huang on Wednesday introduced new devices that tap into the Google Assistant, the virtual software that lets you do things like control your lights or search for a TV show by speaking the commands out loud. The new products include the updated Nvidia Shield Android TV, which costs $199 including a controller and remote and is available later this month, and the new Nvidia Spot, a remote AI mic. Nvidia didn't detail Spot pricing or availability.

"We thought, why have two devices when you can have one?" Huand said during a keynote at CES in Las Vegas. "We decided to work with Google to create the world's first Android TV with the Google Assistant."

Nvidia made its name designing graphics chips computers. But over the past couple years, the Santa Clara, California, company has branched out into new markets like automotive and artificial intelligence. Success in its new industries made Nvidia the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 last year.

Nvidia surprised the crowd at CES 2013 with its first Shield gaming device. The product marked the company's first steps into providing an actual product to consumers other than chips -- and it came at a time others, like Sony, were struggling to compete with Apple. Since that time, Nvidia has introduced gaming tablets and an Android TV streaming box, all under the Shield name.

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