Nginx JavaScript is ready for prime time

From InfoWorld: Nginx has upgraded its web server and load balancer to take advantage of its JavaScript implementation.

The company on Tuesday debuts Nginx Plus R12, the commercially supported version of its technology. This release moves NginScript, a JavaScript-based programming tool, to general availability for production use. Developers can choose NginScript for traffic handling, via a familiar JavaScript syntax. The code can be embedded in Nginx Plus for actions on HTTP, TCP, and UDP traffic.

"JavaScript programmers can actually do the same thing you can do in Lua," which has been used for programming the Nginx server, said Chris Lippi, vice president of products for Nginx. JavaScript is more pervasive than Lua, so users get an expanded programming talent base to choose from for hiring purposes.

NginScript in Nginx Plus 12 features enhancements for ECMAScript 6 math methods and constants, as well as additional string methods. Nginx co-founder Igor Sysoev talked in late 2014 about the company's JavaScript intentions; with the R12 release, those ambitions come to fruition.

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