Meet Samsung Galaxy Note8: A bigger and better Galaxy S8+

From PC World: And just like that, the Note is back. Instead of scrapping the brand after a global recall harpooned last year’s Note7, Samsung went back to the drawing board to build the Note8, its most powerful phablet yet. The compact 6.3-inch phone officially kicks off the end-of-the-year phone wars with a stunning screen and its first dual-camera system.

Pre-orders for an unlocked Note8 start at a dizzying $929, and begin August 24. Samsung says the phone will begin shipping on September 15. And if you were a U.S. Note7 owner, visit for a special offer: a trade-in value of up to $425 if you upgrade your current phone to a Note8.

Strangely, the fact that Samsung promises near-foolproof battery safety seems almost secondary to the Note8’s new features and design, which exceed those of the Galaxy S8+ in every way. The RAM is 6GB compared to 4GB on the S8+. The Note8 has a bigger 6.3-inch screen (versus 6.2 inches on the S8+). And there are two rear cameras on the Note8 instead of the lonely one on the S8+.

The Note8 clearly takes its cues from the Galaxy S8+, but it’s not a carbon copy. While it has the same glass back and button placement, you’ll notice that the shape is slightly more square than the rounded S8, putting more of an emphasis on the 6.3-inch Quad HD+ 1440x2960 Super AMOLED Infinity Display. While the Snapdragon 835 chip is the same as what’s in the S8 (because there isn’t a better processor out there yet), the extra RAM should help everything feel snappier.

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