Australia to ban Huawei from 5G roll-out amid security concerns

From CNET: Australia will reportedly no longer allow Huawei to supply security equipment for country's upcoming 5G roll-out.

The ban -- first reported by Reuters and attributed to to two sources -- comes after Australian intelligence agencies warned that the Chinese telecom may be forced to give data to its country's government.

"It is a Chinese company, and under Communist law they have to work for their intelligence agencies if requested," a government source told the news agency.

"There aren't many other companies around the world that have their own political committees."

Neither Huawei nor the Australian government immediately responded to requests for comment.

Last month, Huawei responded to concerns with an open letter that called the criticism "ill informed and not based on facts," as it claimed to be "good and safe" for Australia. Following this letter, an analysis reportedly revealed that Huawei was the biggest corporate sponsor of overseas travel for Australia's politicians.

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