Google outage pushed traffic through Russia, China and Nigeria

From CNET: Google suffered a brief outage and slowdown Monday, with some of its traffic getting rerouted through networks in Russia, China and Nigeria.

Incorrect routing instructions sent some of the search giant's traffic to Russian network operator TransTelekom, China Telecom and Nigerian provider MainOne between 1:00 p.m. and 2:23 p.m. PT, according to internet research group ThousandEyes.

"This incident at a minimum caused a massive denial of service to G Suite and Google Search," wrote Ameet Naik, ThousandEyes' technical marketing manager, in a blog post. "However, this also put valuable Google traffic in the hands of ISPs in countries with a long history of Internet surveillance.

Applications like Gmail and Google Drive don't appear to have been affected, but 9to5Google reported that YouTube users experienced some slowdown.

Google noted that the issue was resolved and said it would conduct an internal investigation.

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