Cloud Computing's Future Remains Murky

From DailyTech: A recent DailyTech poll of IT professionals indicates that more than a third have already implemented virtualization technology broadly in their organizations, but their attitudes toward cloud computing ranged from uncertainty to downright skepticism.

Among the 2,878 DailyTech readers who took part in the poll, 36 percent indicated that they “already have virtualization technology in place,” compared to only 12 percent that said they had no plans to virtualize. However, this 3-to-1 ration in favor of virtualization did not extend to cloud computing an advanced form of virtualization in which the physical location of data and computing resources typically resides outside the corporate campus, often with a third-part service provider at a remote location.

“We've virtualized a large percentage of our applications in the name of efficiency,” according to a comment posted by DailyTech reader nafhan, who works in the financial services field. However, “Having that information out `in the cloud’ would at best provide an interesting set of regulatory and compliance issues to deal with. It would be a lot more trouble than it's worth.”

In fact, only 8 percent of respondents indicated immediate plans to implement cloud technology. In contrast, 29 percent said cloud computing isn’t “quite ready for primetime.”

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