Google Pay now automatically imports loyalty cards and tickets from Gmail

From The Verge: Google Pay can now automatically import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from your Gmail account. The feature, first spotted by 9to5Google, advertises that by using it “You won’t get more offers, it will just be easier to use them.”

When I tried out the feature for myself, Google Pay was able to pull through a single entry for me — a Member ID for my United Airlines frequent flier account. 9to5Google reports that the service was able to pull through multiple vouchers and reward points when they tried it.

You can enable it yourself in Google Pay’s settings menu under “General,” and then tap the “Gmail imports” toggle.

The new functionality, which was first seen in testing back in February, is similar to what’s already offered by Apple Wallet. The first-party iOS app is able to store boarding passes, tickets, and loyalty cards, but relies on you manually adding cards rather than automatically pulling them through.

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