Samsung's Galaxy Fold Phones Are Already Breaking

From PC Mag: The era of folding smartphones is off to a rocky start. After debuting a $1,980 folding smartphone that unfurls into a tablet at Mobile World Congress (but not letting anyone actually touch it), Samsung finally let reviewers get their hands on its Galaxy Fold devices this week.

It hasn't gone well.

Within minutes of each other this afternoon, a slew of tech journalists and gadget reviewers who snagged a Galaxy Fold began reporting flickering or malfunctioning screens on various display panels after less than two days of use. Let's take a look at the greatest hits so far:

The Verge's Dieter Bohn found a bulge in his OLED screen distorting the area around the Galaxy Fold's hinge.

CNBC's Steve Kovach encountered a flickering, unusable screen on half of his unfolded device.

Samsung purportedly instructed reviewers not to peel off the film. Yet for an almost $2,000 device to be laid waste by peeling back a thin layer that most consumers would take as a harmless screen protector, the speed at which the folding phones are breaking is laughable. And after the Note 7 fiasco, it's an unwelcome headache for Samsung.

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