Galaxy Fold teardown may reveal fatal flaws in Samsung foldable phone

From CNET: The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold phone began exhibiting problems even before it was officially released. iFixit's latest teardown, released Wednesday, may have found possible explanations for what went wrong with Samsung's $1,980 foldable phone.

The phone, despite its size, is incredibly fragile, according to teardown notes, making potential repairs difficult. IFixit said that more time could make the device more durable. The teardown found that the slim bezels aren't flexible enough to survive the fold, and replacing the screen would be quite expensive.

"The phone ships un-folded—but fold it even once, and that crease becomes pretty easy to spot if you're looking," the teardown noted.

Additionally, the lack of hinge ingress protection leaves large gaps around the phone's spine. This leaves the device's internals vulnerable to dirt, according to iFixit. These gaps are visible when the device is closed, even though the screen is protected.

iFixit also found two batteries, front-facing and rear-facing, crudely glued inside the Fold. You can explore more in the full teardown.

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