YouTube to Delete Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist Videos

From PC Mag: YouTube is removing thousands of channels for promoting Neo-Nazism, white supremacy, and conspiracy theories that deny well-known historical events like the Holocaust and the Sandy Hook school shooting ever occurred.

On Wednesday, the Google-owned platform announced it was taking a stricter stance on hateful content by deleting the offending videos instead of just limiting their circulation.

YouTube's policy previously banned videos for using racial slurs to promote hate and dehumanizing people based on their ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. However, the platform stopped short of banning "supremacist content" and instead made the videos harder to find by denying them access to YouTube's recommendation algorithm and share functions.

The updated policy now prohibits content that alleges "the superiority of a group" over another to "justify violence, discrimination, segregation, or exclusion." Calling for the subjugation or domination of an individual or group is also no longer allowed.

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