Telegram Hack Blamed On China As Protests Take Place In Hong Kong

From Forbes: Telegram was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Wednesday (June 12). The cyber attack took place as protesters used the app to communicate during protests in Hong Kong.

The attack appears to have affected Telegram’s 200 million users across the Americas and “some other countries,” who “may experience connection issues,” the messenger firm said in a tweet on Wednesday. It confirmed that user data was safe.

A DDoS attack doesn’t usually intend to steal customer data–instead it aims to take a service offline or render it useless by flooding it with traffic so people can’t access it. Telegram compares a DDoS attack to ordering multiple McDonald’s meals at once.

“Your servers get GADZILLIONS of garbage requests which stop them from processing legitimate requests. Imagine that an army of lemmings just jumped the queue at McDonald’s in front of you–and each is ordering a whopper,” Telegram said.

It went on to explain: “There’s a bright side: all these lemmings are there just to overload the servers with extra work–they can’t take away your Big Mac and coke. Your data is safe.”

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