Report: Apple in Talks to Buy Intel's 5G Modem Business

From PC Mag: Apple is always keen to grab more control over the hardware components it relies on. By next week, the iPhone maker could own a business capable of producing the smartphone modems it needs courtesy of Intel.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Apple is thought to be in advanced talks with Intel regarding the sale of its smartphone modem business. Intel exited the 5G modem business back in April following a deal announced between Apple and Qualcomm to settle its lawsuits and enter a multi-year chipset supply agreement.

Intel fully intends to continue developing 5G technology for connected devices, but no longer has an interest in producing 5G modems for smartphones. Rather than continue to fund the business or go to the expense of closing it down, a sale is on the cards and Apple sees an opportunity. Grabbing a portfolio of patents and engineers experienced at working with 5G hardware looks like a perfect fit, especially when Apple is expected to produce a 5G iPhone next year.

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