Intel launches 10th-gen 'Ice Lake' chips, pushing hard on graphics for notebook PCs

From PC World: Intel’s eleven new Ice Lake chips are betting big on graphics. Intel claims that its new 10th-gen Core family, launched Thursday, will offer the best integrated graphics experience of any thin-and-light notebook PC—about equaling what some discrete chips offer in PCWorld tests.

Intel began setting up Ice Lake expectations in May, positioning its first mass-market 10nm parts as improvements for the notebook PC as a whole, including AI, communications, and I/O. The overarching message is “new:” a new process technology, a new CPU core, and a new graphics engine, along with “new” advancements in communications and I/O.

Here are Intel’s mobile Ice Lake chips, in a nutshell: 11 processors, most sporting 4 cores and 8 threads, in either a 9W, 15W, or 28W power tier. Base frequencies begin at 700MHz and climb to 2.3GHz, while single-clock turbo frequencies top out at 4.1GHz. Graphics frequencies will hover right around 1GHz, with 32, 48 and 64 EUs differentiating performance. We also have real-world testing data to demonstrate how Ice Lake delivers graphic performance on a par with the lowest tier of discrete GPUs.

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