Telltale Games rises from its grave

From CNET: Telltale Games, which shut down last year, is back like a zombie from The Walking Dead games it made. LCG Entertainment along with several investors purchased the remnants of the studio and will bring it back to life, according to a press release Wednesday. The new Telltale has plans to re-release its catalog of games as well as develop new content.

"All of us were big fans of the games Telltale created, as we strongly believe in games as a storytelling medium and nobody did it better," Jamie Ottilie, CEO of the new Telltale Games, said in a press release. "Even now, when you see a game with strong narrative, it's always compared to Telltale, so it's no surprise that players and industry colleagues alike mourned the studio's closure. We believe there is still so much life to the brand and its franchises, and we look forward to building upon the
company's storytelling legacy."

Known for its adventure games, Telltale made a big splash in 2012 when it adapted The Walking Dead that went on to win multiple awards. The developer adapted other franchises such as Game of Thrones, Batman, Minecraft: A Story Mode, Tales from the Borderlands and A Wolf Among Us based on the Fables comic.

So what games will Telltale Games will return? Well, that's a tricky question. LCG Entertainment didn't announce any games and said the situation with the various licenses was "the most complex aspect of the deal." The Telltale Games website shows that The Walking Dead, Minecraft and Borderlands licenses also returned to their respective publishers Skybound, Microsoft and Gearbox Software. The company still has the license for Batman and A Wolf Among Us as well as one of its original titles, Puzzle Agent.

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