Google delays Hangouts migration deadline for G Suite customers

From ComputerWorld: Google has pushed back the migration deadline for its Hangouts collaboration app, offering G Suite customers more time to make the switch to its Hangouts Chat and Meet tools

Google unveiled Hangouts Chat and Meet in 2017, effectively separating the classic Hangouts app with individual chat and video functions.

Earlier this year, the company said it would begin to migrate users to the new platforms, with plans to retire classic Hangouts in October 2019.

Last week, Google said it has delayed the migration date in response to customer demands. “…[W]e’ve heard feedback from many of you that you’d like more time to migrate your organizations from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Chat,” the company said in a blog post.

The final transition date will be “no sooner” than June 2020, Google said; a more precise time frame will be announced closer to the deadline. Customers that want to move to the latest versions of Hangouts can do so later this year by requesting an invitation to the Accelerated Transition Program.

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