Asus PA32UCG monitor out-specs Apple's Pro Display XDR, at least on paper

From CNET: It's a paper battle between two professional monitors that haven't even shipped yet: the Apple Pro Display XDR and the 32-inch Asus ProArt PA32UCG. Both promise the world for video editing: a peak brightness of 1,600 nits (and sustained full screen of 1,000 nits), true 10-bit color covering at least 99% of P3, reference color profiles in hardware, support for major HDR flavors (like Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma and HDR10) and sub-noticeable (Delta E < 1) color accuracy.

But Asus adds 120Hz variable refresh support, throws in more reference color spaces and user color profiles storable in hardware, has HDMI and DisplayPort connectors in addition to Thunderbolt 3. Those features make it appropriate for a broader variety of tasks, such as game development, marketing and product packaging design, collaborating with people who don't necessarily have a $5,000 monitor and so on.

Perhaps most important, this isn't Asus' first rodeo with pro monitors. It's been corralling them for years.

The PA32UCG joins Asus' new ProArt Nvidia RTX Studio systems in their IFA debuts. It's a sibling to the PA32UCX, Asus' $4,000 pro 1,200-nit quantum dot 4K HDR display, which gives us some idea of what to expect. Asus hasn't provided pricing for the PA32UCG, but we can guess that it will be in the same ballpark as Apple's display, and that the stand won't be a $1,000 extra-cost option that doesn't even swivel.

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