Roku Announces Media Streaming Soundbar, New Wireless Subwoofer

From PC Mag: Last year, Roku released the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, an inexpensive set of stereo speakers designed to work with Roku TVs. We were impressed by their value, but they required a Roku TV to work, so you couldn't simply connect them to a Roku media hub.

Roku isn't making a sound system compatible with its own streaming devices yet, but it has announced the next best thing: a soundbar with Roku built-in.

The Roku Smart Soundbar is a combination 2.0-channel soundbar and media hub. It's a 32-inch soundbar with stereo channels and four 2.5-inch drivers, compatible with any TV with an ARC HDMI port or optical audio output. It's also a 4K Roku media hub, with the same media-streaming capabilities as a Roku Premiere+. It features Dolby Audio, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and can stream 4K60 video with support for HDR10.

As a standalone media streamer and soundbar, the Roku Smart Soundbar doesn't need a Roku TV like the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, just the right connections from any TV. If your TV has Audio Return Channel (ARC) on an HDMI port, the soundbar can receive sound from any source connected to your TV. Otherwise, you can connect it over a non-ARC HDMI port as a Roku media streamer and use its optical audio connection to handle all sound from your TV. The soundbar also supports Bluetooth streaming, so you can play music from your smartphone.

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