The new OnePlus phone has a 90Hz screen, cheaper price than the 7 Pro

From CNET: OnePlus has a new phone in the works, and it will have a lower price than the current OnePlus 7 Pro. In an email interview with CNET, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau confirmed the next product is in the works, adding that it will be more "affordable" than the company's current OnePlus 7 Pro, which starts at $669. While Lau wouldn't go into full details on the specs, he says the new device will launch "very soon" and keep the 90Hz display found on the company's current high-end phone.

"OnePlus was the first in the industry to use a QHD+ 90Hz AMOLED screen with the ultrapremium OnePlus 7 Pro," Lau told CNET. "The overwhelming positive feedback pushed us to bring 90Hz, which we believe will become standard on flagship phones, to our highly acclaimed premium lineup so that more people can experience the smooth scrolling display."

The screen, which has a higher refresh rate than the 60Hz displays typically found on smartphones, allows for a smoother experience, particularly when scrolling through websites or gaming, our OnePlus 7 Pro review found.

Lau wouldn't confirm if the processor powering the new cheaper phone would be the same as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 found in the 7 Pro, though he did allude to it being similar.

"We design OnePlus devices to achieve the best fast and smooth experience on the market," Lau said. "Implementing the best-in-industry Qualcomm 800 series processors is a major part of achieving this high-end performance."

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