Nintendo Patents Joy-Cons That 'Bend'

From PC Mag: Nintendo's focus right now is on convincing us all to purchase a Switch Lite on Sept. 20, but its R&D department is always looking to the future, and that future may include bendable Joy-Con controllers.

As Engadget reports, a new patent has appeared at the US Patent Office detailing a game controller invented by Kumpei Fujita for Nintendo. As the diagrams here confirm, this isn't a brand new controller design, but instead an updated version of the Joy-Cons that ship with each Switch.

The only difference this design introduces is the ability to rotate the upper section of each Joy-Con controller backwards. In so doing, it should make the Switch more comfortable to hold and operate when in handheld mode. It certainly allows for your thumbs to rest in a more natural position, while at the same time allowing those who prefer the completely straight Joy-Con to continue playing using that configuration.

Whether this design ever makes it out of the R&D labs depends on a number of factors. How much more comfortable and usable are Joy-Cons when the top is rotated? How durable is the hinge mechanism used to allow the rotation under continued stress? And probably most importantly of all for Nintendo, how much more expensive would this new design be to produce?

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