Firefox 71 Adds Picture-in-Picture for YouTube and Netflix

From PC Mag: Mozilla has released a new version of its Firefox browser, version 71.0, which brings picture-in-picture functionality to everyone using it on the Windows operating system.

Those who have updated to the most recent version of the browser will be able to hover over the video they're watching and see a blue "Picture-in-Picture" button pop up. Clicking that will have the video pop open into its own windowed screen, which will remain overlayed even when you switch tabs.

The picture-in-picture mode will work on all HTML5 video sources, which include popular websites like YouTube and Vimeo, but will also work on copyrighted content protected by digital rights management (DRM) such as Netflix.

For Windows users, Firefox's picture-in-picture feature is available now; if you're using the browser on Linux or macOS, the function will be released in the next browser update, which is scheduled for January 2020.

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