TikTok flaws could have let hackers text you malware

From CNET: TikTok lets you share 15-second videos with your followers. It also could've left you vulnerable to hackers, according to security researchers. They identified a series of software flaws in the popular video app that opened the door to a range of attacks on users.

In research published Wednesday, cybersecurity firm CheckPoint said the flaws could've let hackers send legitimate-looking text messages with links to malicious software. Attackers also could've published or deleted videos, made private videos public, and accessed personal user information, such as addresses and birthdays. The researchers worked with TikTok to get the vulnerabilities patched in December.

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed the company has fixed all the flaws. The company also said there's no indication hackers abused the vulnerabilities. The spokesperson said TikTok is committed to protecting user data.

"Like many organizations, we encourage responsible security researchers to privately disclose zero day vulnerabilities to us," the company said in a statement, referring to previously unknown security holes. "We hope that this successful resolution will encourage future collaboration with security researchers."

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