Samsung Galaxy Z Flip iFixit teardown reveals dust's impact on hinge

From CNET: People have been putting Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip through its paces since it came out last week, with much of the attention focusing on the foldable phone's ultra thin glass display and its ability to survive a drop. The repair experts at iFixit took a slightly different approach, and tested the impact of dust exposure.

The site highlights the tiny brush fibers lining the hinge, to stop dust fibers from getting in, and Samsung's warning that the Galaxy Z Flip isn't dust-proof. So iFixit put the phone through a pretty intense dust test, by dropping it in a ZipLock bag with some purple powder and shaking it up.

Following its test, the hinge made an audible creak when moved and the full teardown revealed purple dust all over the interior.

"The components involved in the folding process are likely to wear over time (even if you don't bathe them in purple dust), necessitating eventual replacement," iFixit concluded.

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