T-Factory Is a Store Without Staff Selling Smartphones Using Facial Recognition

From PC Mag: Apple is currently converting more of its retail locations into Express Stores to protect both staff and customers, but in South Korea a new store is opening that goes a step further and has no staff at all and never closes.

As 9To5Mac reports, the new store is called T Factory and it has been created by telecomms company SK Telecom (SKT) as a way of sharing, "SKT’s future ICT vision and introduce the company’s latest achievements in technologies and services, as well as its partnerships." The stand out feature of the store right now is the fact it's open 24 hours a day, but doesn't have any staff.

Instead, SKT is relying on facial recognition to know who is in the store. Customers register before visiting and can then self check-in on arrival using their face. Once inside, they can purchase a range of devices from companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, which includes the latest iPhone 12 models. Customers will able to "compare smartphones, receive AI-based consulting on price plans, purchase a smartphone & accessories, sign-up for service and sell used phones."

But the store promises much more, including augmented reality experiences, virtual reality, and "5GX Cloud Game," which was launched with Microsoft to offer Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in South Korea.

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