Dell Refreshes Latitude Laptops With Intel 11th Gen Core Chips

From PC Mag: In the run-up to CES, Dell is announcing new business laptops that start rolling out in the coming weeks.

The company is refreshing the Latitude series and the 15.6-inch model in the Precision line with Intel’s 11th generation Core processors. For the work-from-home audience, Dell is also introducing a pair of modular desktop PCs.

Dell went out of its way to highlight the Latitude 9420, a 14-inch laptop that’s been optimized for video conferencing. The product comes with two top-firing speakers and another two bottom-firing speakers for a full surround sound effect. The hardware is also equipped with four noise-cancelling microphones.

Another feature is the mechanically controlled “SafeShutter” system over the infrared web camera for added privacy. According to Dell, the shutter will automatically open the moment you enable a Zoom call and close once the meeting is done. In addition, the laptop contains a built-in button that can physically shut down the camera.

The other selling point is how you can add a 5G modem to the laptop. Expect the Latitude 9420 to go on sale on March 9 starting at $1,949. Buyers can get it as a laptop convertible or as a traditional clamshell notebook.

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