Namco's Pac-Man Museum+ Will Include 14 Games

From PC Mag: If you've never experienced a Pac-Man game before, you'll be able to play 14 different versions of the game as part of a new collection in 2022.

As Videogamer reports, Namco is set to launch Pac-Man Museum+ next year as a way of offering a curated collection. It's intended to represent the best Pac-Man games released over the last 42 years and since the original game first appeared in Japanese arcades in 1980.

Museum+ will use a 3D arcade setting as an access point for all the titles. There will be a series of missions to play and unlock, which also allow you to earn coins. The coins can be used as credits in the different arcade games, or to purchase items to modify the look of the arcade setting. Hopefully access to the 14 different games isn't blocked by needing to earn coins first, though.

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