T-Mobile Starts Switching Phone Calls to Its 5G Network

From CNET: Some T-Mobile customers in Oregon and Utah will be the first to make phone calls over 5G as the carrier begins switching voice calls over to 5G from its older 4G LTE network, one city at a time.

Those customers likely won't notice any difference in phone call quality, but it's an important move for T-Mobile. Switching these technologies will free up resources to allow better and faster wireless connections in the future, which are especially important for upcoming tech like self-driving cars and virtual reality.

"We're trying to create this big, broad, capable network and figure out what people want to do with it. What are the use cases? Where's the demand?" said Grant Castle, vice president of device engineering and technology labs at T-Mobile.

T-Mobile's moves toward 5G voice are the latest in the years-long rollout of the technology. While companies have been selling 5G-capable phones for three years since the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launched in early 2019, the wireless technology itself has been coming online in stages. As carriers have built out their networks, consumers with 5G phones have been seeing better speeds and coverage. But not every part of the process to switch wireless networks from 4G LTE to 5G will mean noticeable improvements for consumers.

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