Uber Leaks Detail the Company's Strong-Arm Tactics

From PC Mag: The Guardian reports(Opens in a new window) that it obtained a trove of "more than 124,000 documents" that includes "more than 83,000 emails, iMessages, and WhatsApp messages" between Uber executives from 2013-2017. (Which is the year Uber founder Travis Kalanick stepped down as CEO.)

The Guardian says it shared these documents with more than 180 reporters via the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and that more than 40 media outlets "will in the coming days publish a series of investigative reports about the tech giant" as a result.

The initial report shows that Uber courted politicians like President Joe Biden, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and French president Emmanuel Macron—before they were elected, in Biden and Macron's cases—to help it expand to additional markets.

The report also indicates that Uber encouraged drivers for its platform to attend protests despite threats to their safety in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands as part of its broader efforts to "weaponize" drivers whenever it raised the ire of local regulators.

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