Amazon CEO Says the Next Decade Will See Company Growth in Every Area

From PC Mag: At the Code conference this week, Amazon president and CEO Andy Jassy laid out some big ambitions for where the company is heading, saying Amazon’s business is just "a shadow of what it's going to be 10 years from now" in almost every area it plays in.

In retail, he said, he expects customers to get any item either online or in a store with the company's "just walk out technology," with prime customers able to get many products within a couple of hours using the firm's drone airlift initiative. In technology, while Amazon Web Services (AWS) is big, 90 to 95% of IT spend is now on-premise; he expects that to completely flip. He thinks Alexa will be much more broadly useful, becoming an assistant that can help you will all sorts of things, such as calendaring. In content, he said, "everything will be streaming."

Code host Kara Swisher said that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had described the company as having three core pillars: Prime, marketplace, and AWS. She asked Jassy what another would be. He said there were possibilities in streaming entertainment, Alexa, transportation (where Amazon has bought self-driving company Zoox), low earth satellites, and health care. Talking about its satellite plan, Jassy noted that more than 300 million people have no connectivity, and Amazon's Project Kuiper aims to change that.

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